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What Grind

How would you like us to prepare your coffee beans?

Beans (roasted):

Beans are best, but not everyone has a suitable grinder so that you can grind your beans as and when you require them. So as part of our service we'll grind your chosen beans (at no extra charge) for the machine you'll be using,  and don't forget to select the correct grind when ordering from the drop down box on the product page. See below for grind type.
Turkish Grind (extra fine grind):

Using an Ibrik / Cezve
This style of coffee making is peculiar to the Eastern Mediterranean. A long brewing time with a coffee ground to a flour consistency resulting in the evaporation of a large quantity of the water gives a highly concentrated and thick liquor.

Espresso Grind (very fine grind):
Using an Espresso machine or Moka Pot / Stove Top
This fine grind allows the coffee to be tamped into the portafilter of the espresso machine. This slows down the water which is forced through under pressure to make a brew with a concentrated liquor and good crema. 

A word of advice: Some domestic Espresso machines unfortunately don't have the required pressure to force the water through the coffee easily. If you have found this to be the case with your machine we suggest choosing the 'filter grind' as this is slightly coarser and will help the water run quicker and easier through your machine. 

Aeropress Grind (Choose Espresso Grind):

          Too fine and it is difficult to press the water through. Too coarse and the water moves too

          quickly and restricts the infusion.

          If you prefer a longer brew time then choose medium grind.

Filter Grind (fine grind):
Using a filter machine
To present the maximum amount of surface area of the coffee for taste extraction while keeping a certain coarseness to allow the water to slowly drip through. If the desired strength is fairly strong then coarser ground coffee is required as the quantity of the coffee increases.

Cafetiere Grind (medium grind):
Using a Cafetiere / French Press
Enable easy flow of water through the grounds during the separation process.
Extraction time is slower so the coffee needs to be properly infused to extract the diversities of flavours.


Percolator Grind (coarse grind):

Using a Pot method.    
Coarse ground coffee which will enable the grounds to be easily strained off when pouring the cup.

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