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Sumatran Decaf Coffee | Organic and Fairtrade | FREE Standard Delivery On Orders Over £25

Sumatran DeCaf (Organic & Fairtrade)

Our Price: £4.95
Product Description

100% Arabica

Sumatran Decaffeinated Coffee

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Medium or Strong (perfect for Espresso)

Type: Organic and Fairtrade

Flavour: The coffee is roasted to a deep colour to develop its rich chocolatey flavour. Sumatra is known for its heavy body and a smooth velvety aftertaste.

This is a premium arabica coffee. Prepared in Vancouver by using water to remove the caffeine it is guaranteed 100% chemical free, but most importantly the flavour is maintained. Certainly the best of all decaffeinated coffees.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2024) Graeme from Stamford   5 Stars

The best quality coffee we have tasted. And at a very reasonable price. We drink only organic & fairtrade coffee and the range available is great. Would thoroughly recommend any serious coffee drinker to try The Love of Coffee products!

Reviewer: (2024) Elisabeth from Ipswich   5 Stars

Always enjoy variety of coffees purchased. My friends enjoy receiving them as presents! Look forward to purchasing more for Xmas season. Customer Service is superb as I made contact recently with a query regarding the use of my cafeteria with their coffee and was promptly provided with an answer. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2022) Andrew from Stockport   5 Stars

Real nice decaff coffee. I've had alot of different decaff coffees and they had been tinny. But this is real good stuff. And strong too.

Reviewer: (2022) Aggie from West Midlands   5 Stars

Placed an order for a number of coffee packets. It arrived quickly. Glad I was able to find a supplier offering good service and price. For a coffee lover your range of coffee is a real treat! I will definitely order again. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2021) Laura from Chingford   5 Stars

Fabulous coffee, my second purchase and have tried lots of different coffee beans all of which are amazing. My partner has enjoyed his coffee far more recently having purchased from’ the love of coffee ‘and I have never tasted decaf quite like it it’s wonderful thank you to the team .

Reviewer: (2021) Liam from Windsor   5 Stars

The coffee tastes great, and I like that it is organic and fair trade. The delivery service has been reliable, and I like the option of buying big bags that last me about a month and reduce delivery costs. I’ve been using the service for three months, and to date I have not experienced any issues.

Reviewer: (2021) Adrian from North Wilts   5 Stars

The only coffee site that I have found that does a really dark roast which is how I like my Monsoon Malabar, it brings out the oils and increases the flavour [in my opinion] also the Decaf coffee's they do are so good you would not recognise them as decaf, excellent for late night drinking.

Reviewer: (2021) Luke from Lanarkshire   5 Stars

Fantastic selection of coffee, with recommendations based on brewing method. Great customer service and quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2021) James from West Wales   5 Stars

I can't get my coffee from anywhere else now... have tried 2 each of the coffee and the decaf and they're all so much better than any I've had elsewhere. If you're looking for a decaf I particularly recommend the Organic Sumatran one (doesn't taste like decaf at all). 100% recommended!

Reviewer: (2020) Alan from Stafford   5 Stars

Great range of products, lots of helpful information, easy ordering system, reasonably priced; good delivery time, would recommend both for the casual coffee drinker and connoisseurs.

Reviewer: (2020) Laura from Scotland   5 Stars

This is the best decaff I have ever tasted bar none. Some have been as strong but never the same combination of strong and yet so smooth. Never bitter. I love the taste of strong coffee but caffeine gives me migraines. This is perfect for me! I will never run out!!!

Reviewer: (2020) Penny from Kent   5 Stars

This is simply THE BEST DeCaf coffee available. I had to stop having caffeine & was mortified I wouldn't be able to have a decent cup of coffee any more! It is exactly as described, a delicious 'rich chocolatey flavour with a heavy body and a smooth velvety aftertaste'. Nothing is compromised, in fact you would be hard pushed to know it is decaf, it's that good. I also love that it is organic & fairtrade, as well as using a chemical free water process to remove the caffeine.

Reviewer: (2020) Ann from Norfolk   5 Stars

The best coffee ever! Rich and strong in flavour without any hint of bitterness. Delicious and totally addictive - everyone who has tried it really loves it. Excellent service and good range of coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Derek from Rutland   5 Stars

Coffee beans arrived very quickly, much thanks. My daughter and her partner are enjoying their coffee immensely, some new to them.

Reviewer: (2020 Richard from Harrogate   5 Stars

Fantastic coffee matched by fantastic service, thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Jessica from Basingstoke   5 Stars

Great coffee, I buy both the medium and strong roast to vary the favours, but both very robust flavours.

Reviewer: (2020) Brian from Hampshire   5 Stars

I found the process of buying very good no problems, arrived very quickly. Coffee's not bad either.

Reviewer: (2020) Trevor from Bristol   5 Stars

As usual the quality of the coffee is second to none, freshly roasted to a high standard and dispatched promptly. Why go anywhere else when you can have the best at competitive prices. The Sumatran Decaf is the No 1 coffee in my eyes.

Reviewer: (2020) Alex from Antrim   5 Stars

Great service and great coffees. 5+ of 5 stars.

Reviewer: (2020) Tim from Newcastle   5 Stars

Great service, very fast, great packaging, clear labbeling. Tasty coffee. I ordered beans. They were decafe ( both varieties). I did find it hard to dial in to get a crema. Had to go very fine and increase the dose amount.

Reviewer: (2020) Graham from Doncaster   4 Stars

I ordered three different flavours of decaf for percolating, they were all very tasty with a nice aroma but I think they still contained some caffeine. Having not been used to caffeine for many years I found the sensation quite unnerving. Good ordering procedure and nicely packaged.

Reviewer: (2020) Will from Hampshire   5 Stars

I purchased 3 types of coffee for my Dad as a gift (so I have not tried the coffee personally). The coffee arrived within a couple of days, it was well packaged and smelled wonderful! Dad went on to say the coffee was lovely! I will be purchasing more in due course!

Reviewer: (2019) Tony from East Sussex   5 Stars

Good coffee, came quickly.

Reviewer: (2019) Megan from Chester   5 Stars

Have been looking for a decent decaf coffee to work in my new espresso coffee machine for ages. Tried everywhere but it’s so hard to get nice decaf coffee that is the correct grind as well. Stumbled across The Love of Coffee online and was delighted to see I could not only pick my coffee, but also that they ground it to fit my machine (and they did decaf!).I only ordered a small bag to see what’s it’s like but I must say it’s the best tasting coffee! It’s decaf but tasted like proper coffee! Will be ordering more from here, The Love of Coffee have now become my new preferred caffeine supplier!

Reviewer: (2019) Lloyd from Essex   5 Stars

We bought vanilla nut plus decaf again as they are great coffees. The vanilla nut is terrific and it is a shame we can't get it in decaf too. We WILL buy again!!

Reviewer: (2019) Laura from Aberdeen   5 Stars

THE BEST DECAFF!!! I love the taste of coffee but not the migraines that I get when I drink it. Most decaff tastes of nothing - might as well be brown milk! This stuff is amazing. Delicious!

Reviewer: (2018) Charles from Gower   5 Stars

Good beans, roasted as required, great tasting coffee at a reasonably good price.

Reviewer: (2018) Zachary from West Sussex   5 Stars

Really delicious coffee, often decaffeinated coffee can only be found in light roasts but this dark roast makes you realise that decaf can be delicious too.

Reviewer: (2018) Jeremy from Surrey   5 Stars

Love the coffee. Good value for money and delivered quickly. Would love to see some extra flavoured and decaf. coffees. Many Thanks.

Reviewer: (2018) Susan from London   5 Stars

Definitely the best decaf espresso coffee I have found.

Reviewer: (2018) Paul from Kent   5 Stars

I was looking for a decaf ground coffee (medium strength) that tasted like real coffee. This works for me - strong coffee that doesn't taste like decaf. I also like the ability to choose the size of pack you need and the coarseness of the grind. Arrived quickly and well packed. Will use again.

Reviewer: (2018) Andrew from Wigan   5 Stars

I have to say the service has been excellent every time I order and the coffee is always of a very good quality. I have been told recently to not exceed 1 cup of highly caffeinated coffee per day due to health reasons, so to be able to find such a beautiful decaf in the Sumatran and also the Columbian is really good news for me. Both of these coffees you would struggle to tell the difference if caffeinated or not with a lovely flavour. Thanks. Andy.

Reviewer: (2018) Mike from Devizes   5 Stars

Fast and efficient service, good selection of excellent coffees. No reason to go anywhere else....

Reviewer: (2018) Adrian from Swindon   5 Stars

Its not often that you can find a good decaf, but these two hit the spot especially in the dark roast, both are rich and highly drinkable, you wouldn't know that it was decaf.

Reviewer: (2017) Phil from Essex   5 Stars

Sumatran Coffee is a great strong flavoured coffee which is hard to believe you are actually drinking a decaf coffee. It's very nice, Lovely and versatile because you can use it as an espresso or base for a cappuccino or a flat white or just add hot water to it for an americano the choice is yours.

Reviewer: (2017) Dave from Wiltshire   5 Stars

The order was dispatched and received very quickly, the coffee was just as I ordered, a dark glossy roast, just the way I like it.

Reviewer: (2017) Hamish from Oxford   5 Stars

The service was excellent as always!

Reviewer: (2017) Richard from Kent   5 Stars

Superb, as usual, lovely variety, excellent quality and well worth the money.

Reviewer: (2017) Amelia from Merseyside   5 Stars

I was very impressed with the overall experience shopping with this company. The website was very informative yet easy to use, the service was fantastic & delivery swift. I will definitely be using you again - thank you!

Reviewer: (2016) Jase from Derbyshire   5 Stars

Very good. Prompt service, well packaged. Beans nice and strong. Flavoursome.

Reviewer: (2016) Margaret from Ayrshire   5 Stars

Whilst expensive coffee, in my opinion, it's worth the money. I can only drink 'decaf' that is decaffeinated without chemicals, otherwise I get bad headaches. This limits my choice considerably. Most of the coffees I've tried have been pretty weak and lacking in flavour but NOT the ones from this company. Both decafs are full of flavour and have a lovely aroma. I go for the stronger roast and both are delicious.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Helmshore   5 Stars

My coffee arrived quickly after ordering. I am on the search for a good tasting decaf coffee in an attempt to reduce my sleepless nights. In the Colombian strong I have found one. The Sumatran however was bitter in medium strength so will avoid in future.

Reviewer: (2016) Gill from Erskine   5 Stars

Totally impressed with the many varieties of beans from around the world on this site. Superfast delivery too. I'll definitely be ordering all my coffee from here in future. So glad I found this site. The ones Ive tried so far have been delicious.

Reviewer: (2015) Eric from West Sussex   5 Stars

Website is user friendly, easy to use, super fast delivery, great product.

Been ordering for over a year now, very pleased with the service. I'm definitely a loyal customer now, not buying coffee anywhere else. Thanks.

Reviewer: (2015) Arnold from Co Durham   5 Stars

Off caffeine for a medical exclusion diet. Found two excellent decafs and they arrived promptly. First time I've had decaf that tastes like the normal coffee. Many thanks.

Reviewer: (2014) J. O'Hagan from Norwich   5 Stars

The decaffeinated was not bitter, as it too often is. The speed of delivery was admirable.

Reviewer: (2014) Mrs Sanders from Ruddington   5 Stars

I've been ordering from the Love of Coffee for some time now. The quality of coffee and the quality of service is first class. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2014) Pamela from St. Helens   5 Stars

I like my coffee dispensed black and strong from my lovely automatic coffee machine and am fussy about what beans I put in it. I was recently medically advised to give up coffee because of the caffeine.Tried decaff years ago and didn't like the taste so ordering this online was a bit of a gamble. Have only tried the Sumatran so far but it is great - the flavour is still there, silky smooth and tasty. Have hardly noticed the lack of caffeine hit and no doubt in a day or two I won't be able to tell the difference. Order arrived really promptly too. Very happy.

Reviewer: (2014) Elizabeth from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars

Excellent coffee and excellent service.

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