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Mexican Decaf Coffee | Organic and Fairtrade | FREE Standard Delivery On Orders Over £25

Mexican SWP DeCaf

Our Price: £3.25
Product Description

100% Arabica

Mexican SWP Decaffeinated Coffee

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Medium or Strong (perfect for Espresso)

Filter/Cafetiere: Green Apple initially with Cocoa notes through the body with a lovely subtle Creamy Walnut aftertaste.

Espresso: Green apples upfront, Cocoa through the body with a Creamy Walnut like finish.

Various Small Holders

Mexico - Tapachula, State of Chiapas

Harvested January - April

Tree Variety
Red Bourbon & Catimor

Water Processed

1000 - 1200 masl

For Filter / Cafetiere

Brew ratio: 20 grams of coffee to 300 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 93 degrees. Brew for 3 - 5 minutes.

Full Medium Roast colour spectrometer profile 114.

Aroma Notes: Cocoa and Walnut

Tasting Notes: Green Apple initially with Cocoa notes through the body has a lovely subtle Creamy Walnut aftertaste.

Tactile Note: A fantastic decaffeinated coffee very different from what you would expect Smooth, Creamy & Clean.

For Espresso

Brew ratio: 1:2. 16 grams of coffee to 36 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 93 degrees.

Full Medium to Full Medium Roast colour spectrometer profile 104.

Aroma Notes: Cocoa & Apples.

Tasting Notes: Green apples upfront, Cocoa through the body with a lovely Creamy Walnut like finish.

Tactile Notes: Smooth, Creamy & Clean best served as a latte or flat white for early risers or alternatively great as an espresso all day.

Chemical free Swiss Water Decaffeination Process, using only water the process is 100% chemical free maintaining the taste complexity of the coffee while removing the caffeine.

From the Chiapas region in the South Western part of Mexico comes this light bodied coffee.

First a diffusion process is used which allows the gentle displacement of caffeine from green coffee. Green beans are soaked in a Green Coffee Extract (GCE), which is pure water saturated with soluble solids from green coffee.

With time and temperature, the caffeine migrates out of the green beans into the GCE. This water is filtered, capturing and extracting the caffeine molecules. The flavour and body of the coffee is protected by closely monitoring the solids, caffeine levels, and moisture in the coffee. The process takes approximately 10 hours resulting in green beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free.

Once the decaffeinated beans are removed from the GCE, they are then dried, finished, bagged and shipped and then ready to be roasted.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2024) Nick from Liverpool   5 Stars

Used a few times now great service and even better coffee.

Reviewer: (2022) Arthur from Hants   5 Stars

My Wife is EV and must use Decaff, she has found over the years that she enjoys the flavour of Swiss Water Mexican more than any other. I prefer the Viennese although I would like a little more fig essence added, PLEASE.

Reviewer: (2022) Celia from Buckinghamshire   5 Stars

Very good variety of flavoured coffee as well as several popular basic coffees.

Reviewer: (2022) Aggie from West Midlands   5 Stars

Placed an order for a number of coffee packets. It arrived quickly. Glad I was able to find a supplier offering good service and price. For a coffee lover your range of coffee is a real treat! I will definitely order again. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2021) Laura from Chingford   5 Stars

Fabulous coffee, my second purchase and have tried lots of different coffee beans all of which are amazing. My partner has enjoyed his coffee far more recently having purchased from’ the love of coffee ‘and I have never tasted decaf quite like it it’s wonderful thank you to the team .

Reviewer: (2021) Arnold from Consett   5 Stars

As good as usual. The Mexican decaff beans have been particularly good.

Reviewer: (2021) Duncan from Southampton   5 Stars

First class products with above first class service as always.

Reviewer: (2020) Alex from Antrim   5 Stars

Great service and great coffees. 5+ of 5 stars.

Reviewer: (2020) David from North Wilts   5 Stars

Although not the cheapest their coffee is probably the best I've had especially if like me you like a really dark roast.

Reviewer: (2020) Graham from Doncaster   4 Stars

I ordered three different flavours of decaf for percolating, they were all very tasty with a nice aroma but I think they still contained some caffeine. Having not been used to caffeine for many years I found the sensation quite unnerving. Good ordering procedure and nicely packaged.

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