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Loose Teas

Assam BOP - India (Black Tea)
Assam BOP - India Black Tea. Has a rich strong flavour with a reddish liquor. Described as brisk, strong and malty, believed to be the original Irish Breakfast Tea. An excellent brew for starting the day, best served with milk. The broken orange pekoe has a stronger flavour than the leaf tea.
from From:£3.81
Broken Orange Pekoe - Ceylon (Black Tea)
Broken Orange Pekoe - Ceylon Black Tea. High grown Ceylon tea is known for its golden colour, full taste and delicate fragrance. An excellent blending tea, the basis for traditional English Breakfast'. Suitable to be drunk all day with lemon or milk. As it does not go cloudy when cold it is suitable to be used as iced tea in the summer.
from From:£3.09
Darjeeling BOP - India (Black Tea)
The most delicate of all teas. A large leafed tea producing a rich red liquor. A tea which can be enjoyed at any time of the day with or without milk or lemon.
from From:£3.81
Jasmine with Flowers - China (Black Tea)
A traditional green tea permeated with the with heady perfume of fresh jasmine flowers. A most delightful and delicately fragrant tea. Often served in Chinese restaurants. Serve without milk, very pleasant after a meal.
from From:£3.55
Keemum - China (Black Tea)
Slightly smokey flavour with a delicate bouquet. Known as the Burgundy of teas. A black tea grown in the north China province of Anwei. Dont use a lot of tea in the brew to produce the best flavour. Drink with or without milk or lemon.
from From:£3.87
Lapsang Souchong - China (Black Tea)
The Kipper Tea. A mild tea from the Wuyi Mountains, Fukien Province. Dominated by a strong tarry/smokey character, due to its curing over a pine log fires. Drink without milk, maybe with a little lemon in the afternoon.
from From:£5.25
Nuwara Eliya - Ceylon (Black Tea)
Light brew excellent with lemon.
from From:£4.73
Oolong - Formosa (loose leaf tea)
Grown in the north of Taiwan. Semi fermented with a unique flavour for the connoisseur. Has a sparkly amber liquor liquid sunshine and a rich smooth, peachy taste with no tannin.
from From:£5.60
Oolong Silvertip - Formosa (loose leaf tea)
The supreme Oolong, exotic and very expensive. Excellent quality tea for the discerning palate.
from From:£19.87
Pai Mu Tan - China (white tea)
From Fujiian Province. The resulting brew is one of the most delicate brews produced, very smooth and sweet.
from From:£7.85
Rose Congou - China (Black Tea)
Sometimes called Rose Pouchong. Rose Congou is a black china tea enhanced with rose petals. It has a delicate bouquet with a pleasant scented taste.
from From:£3.83
Yunnan - China (loose leaf tea)
A mild and refreshing brew from southern China with a rich red liquor. Has little tannin or astringency. Usually drunk with milk or lemon.
from From:£5.91

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