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Kenya Batian AA | Speciality Coffee | Free Standard Delivery On Orders Over £25

Kenya Batian AA

Our Price: £3.95
Product Description

100% Arabica

Kenya Batian AA

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Full Medium

Type: Speciality - Origin


Flavour: Dark chocolate with a mild sweetness with currant and rhubarb acidity.

Fully Washed - Shade Grown

Oct - Dec


1770m - 1800 masl

Sakami Farm is a new coffee plantation located at the slopes of mount Elgon in Western Kenya at 1800m altitude.

Sakami Farm is characterized by its shade trees, which provide protection to the coffee trees from direct sunlight. This shading brings about a temperature reduction of two to four degrees Celsius, resulting in a slow and gradual ripening of the coffee cherries with rich and juicy flavors. The farm’s forest-like environment also enables the retention of moisture in the ground, making it resistant to drought. While Grevillea is the more prevalent type of tree planted in this region, Sakami has followed Rwanda's example and diversified their farm by introducing macadamias.

The process

Fully washed hand and gravity (floating) sorted red ripe cherries, fermentation maturity with pH control, minimum drying time 14 days on raised beds.


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Customer Reviews
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