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How to make espresso based coffee drinks


  • The best coffee is made with freshly roasted coffee.
  • Always use fresh clean water.
  • Use 7 grams of coffee for one shot of Espresso.
ESPRESSO (SOLO): Single (1-1.5fl.oz), black espresso, usually drunk with sugar. This should be served in a 3oz demitasse.

ESPRESSO DOPPIO: A double espresso, made with twice the amount of ground coffee.                

ESPRESSO MACCHIATO: A cup of espresso ‘marked’ (one tablespoon) with a spoonful of the  foam from steamed milk. Served in a demitasse.

ESPRESSO CON PANNA: An espresso with whipped cream.

CLASSIC  CAPPUCCINO: Add frothed milk to a regular espresso.                                                

CAPPUCCINO: An espresso topped with equal portions of steamed and foamed milk. Serve in a 6oz cup. Sometimes cream is piled on the top (not necessary). Chocolate chippings (or other toppings) can be sprinkled on the top to improve presentation.

CAFFE AMERICANO: Espresso diluted with hot water to drip coffee strength.                                

CAFFE LATTE: An espresso topped up with three times the volume of steamed milk, plus a little or no foam. Serve in a bowl or wide mouthed glass.
(Traditionally Café au lait is not Caffe Latte - it is made with traditional coffee and hot or warm milk).
Latte are the drinks most often flavoured by syrups.

CAFFE MOCHA: An espresso topped up with an equal portion of strong hot chocolate (can use 2 shots of chocolate syrup) and hot frothed milk, or whipped cream. Milk is added last. Serve in an 8oz mug. The hot chocolate should be made very strong, sugar being added by the customer.

Variations: MINTED MOCHA: Add crushed mint leaves or a tiny amount of mint extract to the Mocha.

Red Eye: 1/3 Espresso and 2/3 Filter Coffee.                                                                              

LATTE MACCHIATO: A glass of hot frothed milk into which a single espresso has been dribbled. The glass should show a variation of colour, light at the bottom and dark at the top.

CAFE AU LAIT: Ok, it's not an Espresso based drink, but it is a favourite for many, so here's how you make it properly.
 French coffee drink made using your chosen coffee from either a French Press (Cafetiere) or Filter, and double strength is best. Either steam or heat your milk on the stove and then pour both the coffee and the milk into your cup simultaneously so that you end up with half coffee and milk.

ESPRESSO LUNGO (Long): A larger volume of espresso, made by leaving the machine on longer or by adding hot water.

ESPRESSO ROMANO: An espresso served with a slice of lemon on the side. Americans consider this to be the Italian way to drink espresso.

ESPRESSO RISTRETTO: A restricted or short espresso (1oz or less). Made with one shot of coffee, but with less water for a concentrated drink.

VIENNESE CAFFE LATTE: Make a Mocha with cinnamon and a tiny bit of orange flavouring. Add a pinch of grated orange peel to the whipped cream.

NOTES. A ‘DOUBLE’ applies only to the coffee content, not the additives.

Do not run too much water through the coffee, it will become bitter

A good crema is indicative of a well made espresso.


  1. Preheat the Cup by rinsing or soaking it under a stream of water from the brew port or the water nozzle. Cups on heated trays should be stood upright.

*Espresso is made in a 3oz thick china cup that has been preheated.

*Because the amount of fluid ( 1.5oz) is small, in a large cup it would lose all its heat.

  1. Pack the Espresso Brew Basket with fresh ground coffee from the *grinder/doser.

*The basket should be hot. Leave it on the grouphead to keep it warm.

  1. Tamp the grounds firmly and wipe clean the edge of the basket.
  1. Fix the Portafilter into the Grouphead.
  1. Start the Pump. This may be a premeasured flow on the machine. If it is not automatic, time the flow and observe the characteristics of the espresso.
  1. Stop the pump.
  1. Serve the Espresso or use it to make the required espresso based drink.
  1. Knock out the grounds. Bang the portafilter on the rubber bar of the knockout box to remove the spent grounds.
  1. Rinse the basket and wipe the grouphead clean, or run some water through it.
  1. Replace the handle into the grouphead to keep it hot.

The Grinder

  • The grind should be set to suit the espresso machine. In general the grind should be very fine with a little coarseness, felt when rubbing between finger and thumb.
  • The doser should be accurately set to dose 7gm of ground coffee on a regular basis.
  • Only grind a small amount of coffee at a time as oxygenation will spoil the coffee taste.

For Cafetiere

  1. Use fresh boiled water, but wait for 30 seconds from boiling to pouring into your cafetiere.
  2. We recommend using one heaped dessert spoon for each cup, plus one extra for 2 cups or more (approx 60g of medium grind coffee per 150g of water). Adjust according to how strong you like your coffee.
  3. Stir well and place the plunger loosely on the pot and allow to stand for between 3 - 5 mins.
  4. In the meantime warm each cup with hot water.
  5. Push the plunger down carefully before pouring into your cup.

For Moka Pot / Stove Top

  1. We recommend using our Espresso Grind option or if choosing beans and grinding yourself.
  2. Firstly, fill the Bottom Chamber / The Boiler with either room temperature water or freshly boiled water from a kettle that has been left to stand for a couple of minutes to just under the safety valve.
  3. Insert the Funnel / Filter / Basket.
  4. Fill this with your ground coffee, but do not tamper / press down. Then remove any excess coffee from the rim with your finger also ensuring that there is no ground coffee around the thread.
  5. Then screw the Top Chamber / Collection Pot and ensure that this has been tightened. If using boiled water then do please use a towel or something similar as the Bottom Chamber will be hot.
  6. Place your Moka Pot over a low to medium heat and wait for a few minutes. You will then begin to hear a gurgling / bubbling noise as the steam produced from the boiling water is being forced up through the spout of the funnel through the coffee and is now being collected in the Top Chamber / Collection Pot. At this point turn off the heat and remove the Moka Pot. You may wish to use a cold damp towel or similar to cool down the Moka pot and avoid over extraction.
  7. Serve straightaway either as an Espresso or as an Espresso base for your favourite drinks.

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