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Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee | Flavoured Coffee | FREE Standard Delivery On Orders Over £25

Hazelnut (Flavoured Coffee)

Our Price: £3.45
Product Description

100% Arabica

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter

When: Evening, After Dinner and Special Occasion

Strength: Medium

Type: Flavoured

Flavour: A delightfully nutty coffee, smooth with strong flavoursome overtones. Ideal following a sumptuous dessert for the sophisticated connoisseur.

Freshly roasted Central American 100% arabica coffee beans and nature identical flavourings

Contains no alcohol

Nut Allergy Advice: Please note that some coffees may contain or have traces of nuts and/or nut oils or may have been processed alongside other products containing nuts or nut oils.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2024) John from South Ayrshire   5 Stars

Will be forwarding another order fairly soon.

Reviewer: Olesia from Ashford Kent   4 Stars

Nice coffee, I ordered a selection of different flavours to try them all and a large bag of Hazelnut which is my favorite flavour. However, for some reason hazelnut had a very strong earth like taste. It smelled wonderful when you open the bag and grind it, but ready coffee had an unpleasant flavour, you know how wet basements smell like sometimes? That one.

Other coffees were fine.

Reviewer: (2024) Amanda from Hampshire   5 Stars

I purchased the flavoured coffee beans. Lovely taste, good price and quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2024) Lynne from South Ayrshire   5 Stars

Wow! Love this coffee! Picked lots of different flavours! Speedy transaction and a good price! I'll be back!

Reviewer: (2024) Purnima from Harrow   5 Stars

Excellent service, very good coffee and very delicious too. Best to get any coffee from The love of coffee.

Reviewer: (2024) Jon from Cumbria   5 Stars

I haven't been able to try all the flavours I've ordered so far, but both the 'normal' and flavoured coffees I've tried have been great - especially Hazelnut, Black Cherry, and Indian Monsoon Malabar. Orders are sent quickly and well packaged; I'll certainly be making more orders in the future!

Reviewer: (2023) Jeremy from Warminster   5 Stars

I have been using for this companies products for about three years. I always find the coffee to be of the highest standard and consistent. Delivery is always on time and without fuss. Highly recommend.

Reviewer: (2023) Beverley from Littlehampton   5 Stars

I absolutely LOVE your coffee. It’s the best I’ve tasted anywhere in the world. I have ordered your filter coffee for my aeropress, the espresso variety for re-usable pods in my Nespresso and the beans for my coffee machine. I especially like the columbian beans and decaf filter coffee and the hazelnut and French Vanilla flavoured coffees.

Reviewer: (2023) Pat from Manchester   5 Stars

This is a lovely company to deal with, and its products are varied, good quality,and very affordable.

Reviewer: (2023) Matthew from Thatcham   5 Stars

Don’t drink coffee but about 25 years ago I had fresh bran nut coffee in Poland from a coffee specialist.. Recently my wife bought a fresh bean coffee machine so thought I’d try this hazelnut coffee.. absolutely love it. It doesn’t have the bitterness of coffee and the smell is amazing.. I am converted!! just ordered another pack.

Reviewer: (2021) Paul from Tunbridge Wells   5 Stars

Always reliably delicious and efficiently dispatched, regular birthday treat!

Reviewer: (2021) Sean from Chelmsford   5 Stars

Fabulous flavour. The delivery was quick & easy.

Reviewer: (2021) Lorraine from Bristol   3 Stars

Fantastic service and very quick. However, coffee was very disappointing. Neither had any flavour Hazelnut or Irish Cream at all. Won't be repurchasing.

Reviewer: (2021) Ian from Herts   5 Stars

Good choice of flavours. Delivered promptly (for my wife, not me).

Reviewer: (2021) Alison from Isle Of Man   5 Stars

Beautifully packaged into small packets. Coffee tastes great and service is first class. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2021) Hayley from West Yorkshire   5 Stars

I’ve ordered coffee from here a couple of times now and they’ve always been fab. I order a selection of the smaller bags for my partner so that he can test the different flavours and we haven’t come across one that he didn’t like yet! Always a speedy delivery and good value for money. I will be ordering again very soon.

Reviewer: (2021) Katherine from Merseyside   5 Stars

A repeat order of the lovely flavoured coffees, chose french vanilla, hazelnut, amaretto and mocha orange. Really smooth and lovely flavours, not synthetic tasting as we have experienced on occasion with other brands. Good to have a message card option as this was a gift.

Reviewer: (2021) Michelle from Glasgow   5 Stars

Great coffee and great service. My daily injection of motivation to start the work day, also a bit of a treat.

Reviewer: (2021) Ruth from Pembrokeshire   5 Stars

Always love the coffee we receive. Easy to order and it’s great to be able to get a coarse grind for our percolator. We really love some of the flavoured coffees such as hazelnut, maple walnut and macadamia nut. Delicious!

Reviewer: (2021) Keith from Devon   3 Stars

Hazelnut ground coffee didn't have much hazelnut flavour.

Reviewer: (2021) Douglas from Renfrewshire   5 Stars

Bought the beans... Found out being a novice is not easy. Hit and miss on quality of the coffee but totally down to the grind I was putting in. I will say that a few times I got it right and the coffee was outstanding. Think I'll buy pre ground next time but will definitely be back.

Reviewer: (2021) Karen from Kent   5 Stars

Great range of flavoured coffee. Great packaging. Excellent price. Great service. Recommended. Would use again.

Reviewer: (2021) Judith from Edinburgh   5 Stars

I have had a number of coffees from this company now and I am very pleased with the service and the products. I chose the variety pack and chose different flavours and this is a good chance to see what is good and what not so good. The coffee arrived within a few days and is well packaged so no spills. All round good value for money, would definitely recommend.

Reviewer: (2021) Ken from South Somerset   5 Stars

I’d previously put in a review for the hazelnut flavoured coffee but I think I have done it an injustice, must have been a bad day. Needless to say it’s all gone and I’ve now started on the Vanilla flavoured coffee which is just as nice. Also started the Colombian decaf (strong). It’s great being able to sample coffees, flavoured and origin, without having to buy the normal 225g bag. The service was swift and I will definitely use again when I’ve used up all ten previously ordered bags.

Reviewer: (2021) David from Southport   5 Stars

My order was processed very quickly and arrived promptly. Excellent service. The product itself was, having used the company before, exactly as expected, well packaged and of great quality. I find that buying whole beans and grinding as and when needed gives the best I will definitely be placing another order shortly before my current supply runs out.

Reviewer: (2021) Ken from South Somerset   3 Stars

Liked the thought of being able to buy smaller bags so able to try different coffees. Not cheap but worth finding a favourite. I love hazelnut flavoured coffee so was a little disappointed with this. The hazelnut flavour is just not intense enough for me personally.

Reviewer: (2021) Mike from Wiltshire   5 Stars

Excellent service Speedy and 100% correct... I ordered 4 different types of coffee and all delivered spot on....Would definitely use again....

Reviewer: (2020) Loyd from Essex   5 Stars

We've bought these many times and have never been disappointed.

Reviewer: (2020) Steve from Lincoln   5 Stars

Outstanding quality and service from start to finish, and genuinely exceeded my expectations, which makes a refreshing change, well done.

Reviewer: (2020) Clare from Cornwall   5 Stars

Have tried the Hazelnut & Chocolate praline so far, both lovely, will definitely buy again. Really fast delivery too!

Reviewer: (2020) Katharyn from London   5 Stars

I do not normally write reviews but this coffee was superb. Being able to buy in small quantities to discover one’s favourite flavour, or to blend a number of flavours together, was truly unique. We shall definitely be back to order more. Honestly, we had totally given up on buying flavoured coffees in the UK so this find has totally transformed our mornings. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Emily from Wales   5 Stars

Gorgeous coffee - bought as a gift and had rave reviews, especially for the Creme brûlée and hazelnut coffee. 5 big gold stars!

Reviewer: (2020) Paul from Tunbridge Wells   5 Stars

Always love the flavoured coffee - good range, perfect blend, well-packed and promptly delivered!

Reviewer: (2020) Dave from Saint Neots   5 Stars

As previous orders I enjoy the flavour the service provided has been good unless this changes I will continue to buy my coffee from you.

Reviewer: (2020) Caroline from Angus   5 Stars

Delighted with my first order, just about to reorder.

Reviewer: (2020) Amanda from Burton on Trent   5 Stars

Decided to treat myself following my favourite coffee chain closing for lockdown. I had 2 deliveries with 4 flavours in each and I have to say I have not been disappointed. I have a grinder at home so ordered coffee beans. The smell in my cupboard alone is fantastic, it fills my kitchen when I grind the beans and the coffee is delicious.

Reviewer: (2020) Lisa from Derbyshire   5 Stars

Lovely coffee. I will be ordering again.

Reviewer: (2020) Jeremy from Leicester   5 Stars


Reviewer: (2020) Donna from West London   5 Stars

Fabulous Coffee, arrived in a timely fashion a wonderful treat for my family. Definitely purchase again.

Reviewer: (2020) David from Preston   5 Stars

A fantastic range of first class coffees at great prices with good, quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2020) Nicola from North Wales   5 Stars

Great coffee, great service. Will be ordering again very soon.

Reviewer: (2020) David from Merseyside   5 Stars

I have been using “The Love of Coffee” for some time always buying whole beans. The quality of the product and service offered have always been excellent. The variety of coffee on offer cannot be bettered and I wholeheartedly recommend this company.

Reviewer: (2020) Greg from Dorset   4 Stars

Very good coffee no hassle delivery.

Reviewer: (2020) Andrea from Bedford   1 Stars

I was disappointed as there was not much flavour in the Hazelnut flavoured coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Dawn from Cheshire   5 Stars

Fantastic tasting flavoured coffee beans. Have bought elsewhere in the past but these are the best by far.

Reviewer: (2020) Judith-Anne from London   5 Stars

Wonderful coffee and a fast service. Simply perfect.

Reviewer: (2020) CC from Northampton   5 Stars

Bought 4 different coffees and only tried 3. French vanilla, and Hazlenut lovely. Creme brulee, whilst completely drinkable, could not discern what flavour it was. Have bought Amaretto but yet to try. Overall very happy.

Reviewer: (2019) JS from Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Excellent flavour.

Reviewer: (2019) Steve from Southport   5 Stars

My wife and I love these coffees. Freshly ground they are superb in flavour. I have used “The Love of Coffee” several times now and their service has been excellent. Goods are delivered quickly and well packaged.

Reviewer: (2019) Pat from Peterborough   5 Stars

Love these coffees - very tasty and good service.

Reviewer: (2019) Adrian from Dorset   5 Stars

Four different flavours and they were good. Swift service and good packaging.

Reviewer: (2019) Mary from Sunderland   5 Stars

Quite simply the best flavoured coffee there is - I have tried different flavours and have never been disappointed.

Reviewer: (2018) Ian from Peterborough   5 Stars

This coffee tasted lovely. It wasn't strongly hazelnut-flavoured but the aftertaste was nutty and subtle. The service was excellent and the coffee arrived well-packaged and on time. Definitely worth another order in the future. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2018) Sarah from Cheshire   5 Stars

Fast delivery & great tasting coffees. Bought a flavoured selection - hazelnut, caramel creme brulee, chilli chocolate & amaretto for Father's Day gifts. They were much appreciated. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2018) Dave from Lincoln   5 Stars

Good quality, excellent service, I had forgotten what good Coffee tastes like. I will be definitely using " The Love of Coffee " again.

Reviewer: (2018) John from South Wales   5 Stars

Despite a few issue's with delivery which I might say was handled exceptionally well, I will say it's a very very tasty coffee what I ordered. Being my first time order I was very sceptical of online orders as they all seem to do the the same thing. I was impressed with packaging presentation and overall flavour and will most definitely be ordering again.

Reviewer: (2018) Dave from Saint Neots   5 Stars

As previous orders coffees were fine, that's why I will be ordering some more.

Reviewer: (2018) Andrea from Dorset   5 Stars

I purchased the Flavoured coffee selection and really love the ones I have tried so far, great coffee with a great flavour, will certainly be trying others in the near future.

Reviewer: (2018) Gesine from Fife   5 Stars

Love your coffee and it arrives on time and in good condition.

Reviewer: (2018) Lara from London   5 Stars

I always choose ‘the love of coffee’ to purchase coffee for my cafetiere. I find their product is always delivered when promised and in a timely manner. Also, their flavoured coffee is the best I have tasted out of many other brands. I would always recommend the company to anyone who asks. Very satisfied!

Reviewer: (2018) Jo from Burnley   5 Stars

The order came really quickly and tastes better than other flavoured coffee I have tried in the past. Have recommended to friends and family.

Reviewer: (2018) Fiona from Dorset   4 Stars

Like very much the varieties you offer, and that we thus offer to our customers and regulars at our BnB.

Reviewer: (2017) Rhiannon from London   5 Stars

Really quick delivery and lovely coffee - great service!

Reviewer: (2017) Liz from Shrewsbury   5 Stars

Excellent quality, value for money and service. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: (2017) Donna from Oxfordshire   5 Stars

OMG! The coffee we bought was amazing!!!! Such a choice and such quality. They have fantastic offers where you can sample any 4 top-notch coffees for pennies. I placed my order on a Wednesday afternoon and was enjoying the taste of it on Friday. So reasonable on delivery charges and fast delivery. Great service. We will be customers as long as you keep going. Keep up the great work :)

Reviewer: (2017) Roger from Lincolnshire   5 Stars

Good selection, Good value, Good service.

Reviewer: (2017) Richard from Suffolk   5 Stars

Excellent Service and fantastic taste, it’s nice to buy small quantity amounts to try and taste. Will definitely be using again.

Reviewer: (2017) Melissa from Liverpool   5 Stars

Lovely coffee and very quick delivery, particularly given the busy lead up to Christmas.

Reviewer: (2016) Diane from Skelmersdale   5 Stars

Great service, well packed and arrived 3 days later. Coffee is excellent. Tried Hazelnut and Amaretto so far. We use a filter machine and the taste is spot on.

Reviewer: (2016) Paul from SW Wales   5 Stars


Reviewer: (2016) John from Saffron Walden   5 Stars

First time I have ordered this product. Fresh, shiny beans that impart a lovely nutty, earthy coffee taste. A particularly good coffee for late mornings or lazy weekends when you have breakfast after 10am. Delivery as ever was swift, great packaging. Great Products and service.

Reviewer: (2016) Mary from Bishop's Stortford   5 Stars

Great value ... great taste. Bought Vanilla and hazelnut flavours.

Reviewer: (2015) Yolanda from Morpeth   5 Stars

Very easy to order products and very fast delivery. My order is a gift but I will be trying flavoured coffee for myself.

Reviewer: (2015) Gill from Manchester   5 Stars

I bought a selection of coffees and I love them all. The Mountain Blend is delicious and perfect if, like me, you prefer a mellow coffee with no bitterness. I love flavoured coffee but not the syrups as they're too sweet. I loved the Rum Baba flavour and the Hazelnut is delicious also. Now need to order some more!

Reviewer: (2015) Belinda from St Neots, Cambs   5 Stars

Absolutely my favourite coffee no bitterness just a smooth coffee. You can drink anytime of the day will certainly be buying again A*****.

Reviewer: (2015) Vivienne from Scotland   5 Stars

This is my second order of coffee with The Love Of Coffee and they deliver on their promise. Coffee is amazing, I love waking up in the mornings to that freshly brewed coffee coming from my coffee machine. I've always loved flavoured coffees and was delighted to find a company that provides not only first class service but are passionate about their produce and their customers.

Reviewer: (2015) Maria from Nottingham   5 Stars

The coffee was delivered within 2 days from day of order! I tried vanilla, death by chocolate, cream caramel and hazelnut: they were all AMAZING!

Brilliant taste and quality, will be ordering again soon!!

Reviewer: (2014) Dave from Saint Neots   5 Stars

Very nice coffee and good service. Thanks.

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