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Home > Our Teas > Flavoured Black China Teas

Flavoured Black China Teas

Flavoured teas are based on fermented (Black) China Tea. The leaf teas are flavoured with nature identical flavourings. For those who want to try something different, these teas produce a pleasant and intriguing diversion from the traditional teas. They should be lightly brewed and preferably drunk without milk or lemon.

Apple (with pieces)
China tea, apple flavouring, apple pieces.
from From:£4.08
Apricot (with flowers)
China tea, apricot flavouring, dried sunflowers.
from From:£4.08
Blackcurrant (with leaves)
China tea, blackcurrant flavouring, bramble leaves.
from From:£3.93
Blue Lady
China Rose tea enhanced with marigold and mallow flowers and flavoured with grapefruit flavouring.
from From:£4.71
Cinnamon (with pieces)
China tea cinnamon flavouring, cinnamon pieces.
from From:£4.13
Coconut with pieces.
China tea, coconut flavouring, coconut pieces.
from From:£4.13
Ginger Tea (with pieces)
A hot spicy addition to your cup of tea.
from From:£4.74
Grapefruit (with pieces)
China tea, grapefruit flavouring, lemon pieces.
from From:£4.13
Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger
A flavoursome citrus brew spiced up with a hint of ginger.
from From:£4.74
Japanese Cherry
Japanese Green Leaf Tea with cherry flavouring. A light smooth tea with a strong cherry flavour - reminding one of Tokyo in the springtime!
from From:£5.02
Kiwi (with leaves)
China tea, kiwi flavouring, bramble leaves.
from From:£4.13
Lemon (with peels)
Black China Tea with lemon flavouring and dried lemon peels. Produces an astringent, refreshing drink.
from From:£4.87
Lime (with peels)
China tea, lime flavouring, lemon peels.
from From:£4.13
Lotus (with flowers)
China tea, rose flavouring, rose petals.
from From:£4.13
A china tea flavoured with lychees to give an oriental experience.
from From:£3.89
Orange & Spice (with peels)
Black China Tea with orange & clove flavouring, dried orange peels with cinnamon clove pieces and allspice. Makes a lovely hot brew for a cold winters day.
from From:£3.93
Orange (bitter with peels)
China tea, bitter orange flavouring, orange peels.
from From:£3.95
Orange (sweet with peels)
China tea, sweet orange flavouring, orange peels.
from From:£3.95
Passion Fruit (with flowers)
Black china tea flavoured with a strong sweet passion fruit flavouring decorated with marigold petals. Lovely summer brew.
from From:£4.01
Peach (with flowers)
China tea, peach flavouring, marigold leaves.
from From:£4.01
Peppermint (black)
A strong china tea spiced up with hot peppermint.
from From:£3.93
Raspberry (with leaves)
China tea, raspberry flavouring, raspberry leaves.
from From:£3.93
China tea, vanilla flavouring. No need to add sugar, the sweet vanilla carries through the coffee in this attractive brew.
from From:£3.89
Wild Cherry (with leaves)
China tea, cherry flavouring, blackcurrant leaves.
from From:£3.28

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