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Dark Italian Blend Coffee | Blended Coffees | Mail Order Coffee | Buy Online For Next Day Delivery

Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)

Our Price: £3.25
Product Description

100% Arabica

Dark Italian Blend 

Perfect for: Espresso

Strength: Strong

Type: Organic & Fairtrade

Certified: Soil Association & Fairtrade

Flavour: Our most popular organic espresso coffee - makes a lovely smooth drink.

We have blended South American and Indonesian coffees and roasted them to create a heavy, strong flavour. Characteristic of the popular Italian style, this Espresso blend excels in its “bite” and smooth aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2024) Graeme from Stamford   5 Stars

The best quality coffee we have tasted. And at a very reasonable price. We drink only organic & fairtrade coffee and the range available is great. Would thoroughly recommend any serious coffee drinker to try The Love of Coffee products!

Reviewer: (2024) Mark from Saxilby   5 Stars

Had to make a last minute order before Christmas and the response was very efficient. Coffee arrived in good time and was the usual superb quality. Christmas was saved!

Reviewer: (2024) Marilyn from Suffolk   5 Stars

Excellent as usual. Tried dark Italian blend… that’s the one for me now!

Reviewer: (2023) Tony from Harlow   5 Stars

Spot on, great coffee, delivered really quickly; loving the dark chocolate espresso beans too - just too morish.

Reviewer: (2023) Charlotte from Chelmsford   5 Stars

Always happy with my coffee. I like how I can get organic fair trade coffee.

Reviewer: (2022) John from Somerset   5 Stars

After tasting various coffees from different sources, my son and I decided on Dark Italian Blend as our favourite. We have been drinking it for over a year now and enjoy every espresso that we make!

Reviewer: (2021) Margaret from London   5 Stars

This company has a very informative website and if you need to email them they reply promptly. This is good Customer Service. I have tried many different coffees and have been happy with them. Obviously some are better than others but it is so subjective......keep trying until you find your favourites!

Reviewer: (2021) Maria from Middlesbrough   5 Stars

Coffee came well packed and was lovely. Ordered a few different blends, so not all have been used yet. Was a quick delivery too. Would certainly recommend to friends, already shared with sister.

Reviewer: (2021) Alison from Derbyshire   5 Stars

I've been buying coffee beans from The Love of Coffee for well over a year - it's always excellent coffee; and better than the best high street coffee shops. Also, I have found the service to be faultless - I can usually predict when the parcel is going to arrive - all totally reliable.

Reviewer: (2021) Lisa from Leicestershire   5 Stars

I have been looking for a company that sells Organic coffee but also supports the farming industry through Fair trade and I am so happy to have found ‘The Love of Coffee’. I find ordering with them so easy, from the description of the coffee to the different choices of how we would like the beans processed. It’s also incredibly handy with the different weight; we have increased ours to 1kg now we know what we like. I am also so impressed at how quickly we received our order and we are kept in constant communication. We will be ordering from this company on a monthly basis and I would highly recommend .

Reviewer: (2021) Sarah from Oxfordshire   5 Stars

I love your coffee! Delivery time is always fabulous and looking forward to choosing somw more new flavours 🙂 thank you!

Reviewer: (2021) Mike from Cornwall   5 Stars

Very pleasant on the phone, excellent service as well.

Reviewer: (2020) Joe from Suffolk   5 Stars

Excellent service, coffee arrived as described and well packaged. The level of detail and choice offered by the website is amazing and allows searching for specific requirements, like strength, and also to discover new flavours. Also learnt about the different grind coarseness depending on type of coffee machine. Awesome.

Reviewer: (2020) Ann from Hampshire   5 Stars

This is a great company to buy coffee from, I've been doing it for three years now and not once have I been disappointed with the quality of service.

Reviewer: (2020) Simon from Bradford   5 Stars

Very impressed with the ristrettos I get from this coffee using a manual ROK Presso machine. I've also tried the Dark Roast blend, but that sometimes fails to produce a good crema.

Reviewer: (2020) Julianne from Staffordshire   5 Stars

Just love the Italian blend. Has been a real luxury to sup in this lockdown. Good service, and communication. Accurate delivery as stated. What more could you ask for? (Just more please!)

Reviewer: (2020) Rino from Kent   5 Stars

Excellent service, great coffee, competitively priced, not much more to say...

Reviewer: (2020) Judith from Portadown   5 Stars

Delivery service very good. Coffee choice excellent. With cafes closed this has been a great find for me. The coffee has been so good and I’ve enjoyed trying out the different flavours with the smaller packets. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Rhys from Wales   5 Stars

the love of coffee are the best! Always friendly and efficient and the coffee is delicious+

Reviewer: (2020) John from Canada   5 Stars

My Mum lives in England and I bought new a new coffee percolator for her for Christmas. I could not find a local source of coffee ground specifically for percolating so I ordered a pound of ground coffee from ' the love of coffee'. My Mum says she loves the taste and the smell of your fresh coffee throughout the house.

Reviewer: (2020) Allan from Bedfordshire   5 Stars

Wonderful coffee for Italian espresso. If you're fed up of endless hipsters selling you supposedly dark, but actually still too lightly roasted beans, that result in an unpleasant sour espresso, then this is the product to buy. Great service and no hipster nonsense telling you what you should be drinking.

Reviewer: (2020) Roger from Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Consistent Italian espresso flavour. Good value quick delivery. The coffee I always buy for my bean to cup machine.

Reviewer: (2020) Mike from Flintshire   5 Stars

Excellent range of coffee's. Very competitive prices. Fast delivery. That's why I buy 90% of my coffee. From "The Love of Coffee" The other 10%, " Shock, Horror" is ground coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Toni from UK   5 Stars

The coffees I chose arrived really quickly and while we definitely prefer some more than others, I love these products purely for the fact that it makes it fun trying new coffees and it's a great way to find something you may like!

Reviewer: (2019) Alison from Derbyshire   5 Stars

Perfect coffee for me every time - and delivery is usually quick - no complaints.

Reviewer: (2019) Malgorzata from West Yorkshire   5 Stars

Very quick delivery. I cant tell if they taste well because it is a gift but the smell from package was pleasing. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2019) Andrew from Argyll   5 Stars

Next day delivery, product always as described. A+

Reviewer: (2019) Sandy from Weymouth   5 Stars

Fabulous coffee. Makes the perfect cup. We use the beans which our machine grinds to the exact consistency we love. We were beginning to despair of finding a good quality, strong organic coffee bean until we came across 'The Love of Coffee'. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2018) Roger from Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Prompt delivery good coffee.

Reviewer: (2018) Sue from Scotland   5 Stars

Lovely coffee! My favourite blend and coarse grind is just right for the percolator I bought. Will buy again.

Reviewer: (2018) Leigh from Talybont   5 Stars

Best coffees I have tasted, really fresh, will stick with you for all my coffee orders! Posted quick and customer service was excellent.

Reviewer: (2018) Paul from Suffolk   5 Stars

I ordered a trial 100g bag of Italian Dark Blend, we loved it so much I have now ordered 1Kg.

Reviewer: (2018) Graham from Basildon   5 Stars

Excellent delivery. I am working my way through your coffee to find one that I like Will definitely purchase more coffee beans and recommend you to all of my coffee mad friends.

Reviewer: (2018) Hayley from Liverpool   5 Stars

We loved them all! And it’s great to find a place with a wide range of Organic beans. Thanks will we be ordering loads more.

Reviewer: (2018) Michael from Flintshire   5 Stars

Excellent range of coffees at competitive prices. The taste notes are very helpful in deciding which coffee to purchase. Efficient delivery.

Reviewer: (2018) John from London   5 Stars

Swift delivery. Great flavour. Organic and fair trade. What more can you ask?

Reviewer: (2018) Roger from Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Excellent coffee for espresso. Service and delivery very good.

Reviewer: (2017) Rita from Scotland   5 Stars

Super easy to order, very quick delivery and good quality coffee! I don't buy coffee from anywhere else.

Reviewer: (2017) John from West Hampstead   4 Stars

Tried this as part of a sample of four - what an amazing taste. Now my favourite coffee! Really pleased with my order and so good to be able to buy different types of ground. No more powdery coffee from the cafetiere!

Reviewer: (2017) John from Skelmersdale   5 Stars

We have been ordering from tloc for around 6 months now. Excellent quality coffee and quick delivery every time.

Reviewer: (2017) Sally from Somerset   5 Stars

Excellent service,excellent coffee beans. Will soon be making another purchase. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Alan from Wolverhampton   5 Stars

Thank you for prompt service, and the coffee was great.

Reviewer: (2017) Shane from Surrey   5 Stars

Great Coffee and great service.

Reviewer: (2017) Pete from Preston   5 Stars

Good quality coffee, promptly delivered. I have returned numerous times to reorder. Goes well with my espresso coffee machine.

Reviewer: (2016) Duncan from Suffolk   3 Stars

Only a 3* because I had to leave electric ring on for a long time in order to get my percolator to function. The coffee eventually was very nice but each cup turned out to be rather expensive. Think I'll get a dedicated electric powered machine to use.

Reviewer: (2016) Monica from London   5 Stars

My order of 6 coffees arrived, sooner than expected! I've not even opened one yet, as I'm finishing off the beans that I still had, although I'm very tempted to 'break open' one or two anyway! I'm delighted to have found you, although the temptation to try everything is enormous!! So far so great, thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Christopher from Devon   5 Stars

Great coffee which ever you choose, quick delivery great service and advice, they are also quick to resolve any problems you may have.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Llandudno   5 Stars

Great range, easy purchase, prompt arrival.

Reviewer: (2016) James from Carlisle   5 Stars

The quality of product was excellent and the speed of dispatch was electric. Very good all round.

Reviewer: (2016) Peter from South Wales   5 Stars

Have ordered and tried a variety of beans and found Dark Italian Blend to our taste. Indian Monsoon Malabar extra strong extraordinary. Choice of beans and service excellent.

Reviewer: (2016) Robin from Rugby, Warwickshire   4 Stars

Another excellent blend that is well worth trying and can be savoured at any time of day!

Reviewer: (2016) Frank from Conwy   5 Stars

Excellent service. Fast delivery and great products.

Reviewer: (2016) Michael from Flintshire   5 Stars

After spending £1,500 on a coffee machine I naturally wanted freshly roasted beans to get the best results. Based upon past experience, 'The Love of Coffee' meets my criteria in terms of product range and service.

Reviewer: (2016) John from North Yorkshire   5 Stars

Very quick delivery. Lovely coffee. Will be reordering soon.

Reviewer: (2016) Claire from Salisbury   5 Stars

Coffee beans arrived promptly. This was our first order and we were very impressed. Have recently bought a bean to cup espresso maker and wanted freshly roasted beans, not supermarket ones! Will definitely be purchasing more, and looking forward to trying different flavours!

Reviewer: (2016) Gerald from Norfolk   5 Stars

This was my first purchase in my search for an acceptable cup of coffee at home. The advice I received was invaluable, friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic. We tried them both and each was excellent. I will certainly return for more.

Reviewer: (2016) Rachel from Hertfordshire   5 Stars

Brilliant coffee and a fast delivery in time for Christmas, would highly recommend and will be ordering again soon!

Reviewer: (2016) Justin from Ashford   5 Stars

Great service and great coffee, cannot fault!

Reviewer: (2015) Dean from Essex   5 Stars

Coffee delivered very quickly and was very good quality. Will be using again.

Reviewer: (2015) Ann from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex   5 Stars

Speedy delivery, lovely flavours from 4 varieties. I will come again.

Reviewer: (2015) Roz from St. Albans   5 Stars

I ordered three unique coffees as part of a birthday present for my brother, a real coffee connoisseur (according to him)! The service was incredibly swift and I was extremely pleased with my purchase.

Reviewer: (2015) Roger from Plymouth   5 Stars

My first order of just Espresso ground did not last as long as I hoped it would. I have too many friends who also like GOOD coffee. My latest order has been funded by them but, we'll probably have more wonderful Good Coffee Appreciation Parties. Who needs ALCOHOL?

Reviewer: (2015) George from Slough   5 Stars

The coffee turned up the next day. I am still working my way through the four different blends which are great so far.

Reviewer: (2015) Peter from Leigh on Sea   5 Stars

I have recently purchases a bean to cup coffee machine and wanted to try different beans hence my order to the love of coffee. I purchased three different kinds of beans which arrived very quickly. I have only tried one as yet but that is proving to be very good. I would definitely order again. So far my dealings with the love of coffee has been excellent.

Reviewer: (2015) Michele from London   5 Stars

A very special thank you for your help and excellent customer service, and also for the very nice coffee that you sell.

Reviewer: (2015) Joe from Cornwall   5 Stars

Had to search around for an organic dark roast that wasn't blended with tangy beans. This was not disappointing very strong smooth tasting coffee works well in the Magnifica and a good price. This is the coffee I will be sticking with for some time. Total satisfaction. Thank You.

Reviewer: (2015) Christine from Berkhamsted   5 Stars

The order arrived promptly and was well packaged. Prompt efficient service. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2015) Francesca from Sandhurst, Berkshire   5 Stars

I ordered 3 different coffee beans and was suitably impressed with the prompt delivery and the great tasting coffee - will be ordering again - thank you!

Reviewer: (2015) Michele from London   5 Stars

Coffee is very nice, the delivery was very fast. All was good! Thank you.

Reviewer: (2014) Jerry from Surrey   5 Stars

Great product, really good flavour, the reason I buy it from 'The Love of Coffee' is the consistency of the product. I get a great coffee every time.

Reviewer: (2014) Maureen Lu from Liverpool   5 Stars

Coffee roasting is very good, gracefully scent.

Reviewer: (2014) Janet from Bramley   5 Stars

Very quick delivery and this is excellent coffee. Haven't tried second one yet but I'm confident it will be great. Will definitely reorder from The Love of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2014) Aaron from Edinburgh   4 Stars

Only just getting into the coffee, so far so good.

Reviewer: (2014) Larry from Gloucester   5 Stars

Great service, product arrived in timely fashion and tastes great.

Reviewer: (2014) George from Belfast   5 Stars

I purchased 4 coffees from you Mocha Java Blend, Mountain Blend, Directors Blend and Dark Italian. The only one that wasn't to our liking was the Mocha Java Blend, the reason being that we only drink Black Coffee. It has taken a while to reply to you, we had Coffees open and they had to be used. I will be buying some more Dark Italian from you when I get back from Holiday, it was great Coffee.

Reviewer: (2013) Dean from Falmouth   5 Stars

I use this coffee in a mocha pot for my morning, full strength, "wake me up" cup of coffee and it is excellent. I like strong coffee, and this is defiantly strong when made in a mocha pot. I couldn't tell you what it's like when made using other methods as I've not tried it.

Reviewer: (2013) Colin from Liverpool   5 Stars

I love this coffee,nice and strong with no hint of bitterness. My regular brew was Illy Dark Roast but from now on I'll be using this Italian blend on a regular basis.

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