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Customer Reviews 3,000+

All of the reviews have been provided by customers who have previously purchased from us. Here they share their thoughts on the products they have purchased and also our service, all with the aim of helping other customers choose the right product. Reviews can also be found at the base of each product page and we continue to add them when our customers provide them.

If you would like to provide a review you can do so by using the review facility on each product page or by clicking here.

Most recent reviews can be found on the last page.
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Reviewer: Nikole from London   5 Stars
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - I like this coffee it's really smooth and has an after taste of chocolate. Service was brilliant and the coffee was delivered the day after I ordered it and was ground perfectly for the Cafetiere.

Reviewer: Rebecca from Hawkurst Kent   5 Stars
Guatemala Maragogype - Lovely coffee, I think it's my favourite

Reviewer: Neil from Hawkhurst Kent   4 Stars
Old Brown Java - This is one of our favourites and the love of coffee delivered it in time for my Saturday am coffee

Reviewer: Jennifer from South Wales   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)I recently purchased Kopi Luwak as a gift for my Father, he had been wanting to try it for a long time and was so excited when he opened it. You could smell the coffee through the wrapping paper and when he tried it, he loved it. I will definitely be recommending this coffee to others and recommend they purchase from your website as the delivery and service was brilliant. Many thanks.

Reviewer: Darren from Cheadle   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)I find, in life, you generally get what you pay for - and this is no exception. It won't replace my day-to-day coffee, but it's well worth splashing out on if I fancy some caffeine based, self-indulgence and luxury. Guests who try it are always sceptical, but after tasting, unanimously agree it has a superior, bitter-free taste than the run of the mill stuff.

Reviewer: Rebecca from Hawhurst   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - I have always ordered this flavour from my previous coffee supplier, it's just as good now from the love of coffee

Reviewer: Neil from Hawkhurst   4 Stars
Sumatran (Organic & Fairtrade) - Thought we would try a different coffee this time - glad we did

Reviewer: Rebecca from Kent   5 Stars
Sumatra Mandheling - Lovely beans, smooth coffee, will order again

Reviewer: Natasha from London   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)I ordered this coffee for special occasions, but we ended up having it almost every day. It is smooth and aromatic, going to order again!

Reviewer: Natasha from London   5 Stars
Rum Baba (Flavoured Coffee) - This coffee has a bit of sweetness without compromising the taste. good for afternoon when you want something sweeter

Reviewer: Natasha from London   5 Stars
Guatemala (Organic & Faitrade) - Full bodied without being sour,smooth. On my list for next order.

Reviewer: Anne from Southend on Sea   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I bought this coffee as a treat for us all to have after our Boxing Day dinner party. The coffee was delivered really quickly and the smell as I opened the bag was fabulous. It went down a treat with all my guests, and of course the story of how it is produced went down a storm. I will definately be using this site again. Fantastic service and the coffee is amazing. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Shaun from Devon   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)Brought some Kopi Luwak to enjoy on Christmas day. Didn't order until late but even with the standard postage the coffee arrived in time great service. The coffee went down a treat and I'm just about to order some more thank you the love of coffee

Reviewer: Bossmoo from Swindon   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)This coffee is amazing and so smooth with little or no bitter taste in the mouth, have a couple of cups of this and then go back to your standard coffee and you will think "have i really been drinking this" the only down side is the price but as a treat when you've had a bad day nothing can beat it. Also delivery was very speedy.

Reviewer: GARETH from PORT TALBOT   5 Stars

Reviewer: GARETH from PORT TALBOT   5 Stars

Reviewer: GARETH from PORT TALBOT   3 Stars

Reviewer: GARETH from PORT TALBOT   4 Stars

Reviewer: Lia from Plymouth   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I've been wanting to try this coffee for a long time now and it was definitely worth the wait! It's lovely, much smoother than I thought it would be. I will most definitely be ordering again. The delivery time was brilliant as well. I ordered late on a Thursday night and received it on Saturday, I only paid for standard delivery. I would recommend this coffee and company to anyone. Thank you.

Reviewer: Ian from Co.Durham   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Like a lot of people, I watched the Bucket List. I researched kopi Luwak and ultimately purchased some. I'm not exactly a connoisseur of coffee, however I do like a strong filter coffee now and again. Kopi Luwak is what you would expect it to be for the price you have to pay. It's not something I would offer to random visitors to my home though, it's too nice for that - I'll be keeping it for myself.

Reviewer: Jane from Liverpool   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - This coffee is expensive but worth the treat! I bought it for a friend and they are very pleased that I did!

Reviewer: Mr Law from Bournemouth   5 Stars
Celebes Kalossi - Taraja - An amazing coffee, i am highly reccomending this product. Quick delivery too. :)

Reviewer: Mr Law from Bournemouth   5 Stars
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - A very nice coffee indeed. With a lovely aftertaste, very smooth. Highly recommended, with excellent delivery time.

Reviewer: Rob from Melling   5 Stars
Kona Heavenly Hawaiian - Really taste the chocolate in this coffee, great after a meal.

Reviewer: Rob from Melling   4 Stars
Guatemala Maragogype - I found this to be finely balanced medium to strong coffee ideal as a great start to the day and throughout as well.

Reviewer: Rob from Melling   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - After seeing that film, I had to try the coffee, i was not disappointed , great to drink and talk about , fast delivery top marks .

Reviewer: Rob from Melling   4 Stars
Cuban - Superb coffee nicely balanced no residual aftertaste ideal anytime.

Reviewer: V from London   4 Stars
Cinnamon Hazelnut (Flavoured Coffee)A very nice coffee! You must try!........

Reviewer: Annie from South Yorkshire   5 Stars
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I’ve received. Both parcels arrived in excellent time – the first one the day after I ordered it and the second, the day after you dispatched it. The way you kept me informed and did your best to fulfil my order was brilliant. Its refreshing to know that proper customer service is alive and well and an awful lot of companies could learn a thing or two from you. Thanks once again, I will definitely be back!

Reviewer: Rob from Shropshire   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee) - I'm an avid fan of Amaretto and this coffee did not disappoint. Best i've ever had.

Reviewer: GARETH from PORT TALBOT   4 Stars

Reviewer: Alicia from London   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Absolutely brilliant service and product. I cannot recommend Sheldon and this company highly enough. Thank you!

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Amaretto Flavoured Cocolate Covered Coffee Beans - These are great, love them. With a coffee or just as a treat, well worth a try. Be prepared though, you will want more :)

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Irish Cream (Flavoured Coffee) - Perfect coffee for after dinner, for those times when you want something a little special. Will most definetely be ordering more. Thanks for a great service 'the Love of Coffee'

Reviewer: Dennis from London   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Interesting, rich and quite mellow. Very glad to try it.

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Chocolate Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) - A lovely chocolate flavoured coffee, I enjoy this one at anytime of day, friends have loved this one to. Only problem they want more, its not a problem for long though, as your service is so quick, dont need to be without!

Reviewer: Paul from Oxford   4 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - I found the Indian Monsoon Malabar very smooth and easy to drink. I look forward to trying out other coffees in the range. Delivery service is excellent.

Reviewer: Catherine from Sunderland   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Read about this coffee in a book and had to try some! The Love of Coffee had the best price and dealt very quickly with an issue I had with my order (my fault, first-time order!) and sent it just as quickly. The coffee is very rich and smooth. Somehow the taste seems familiar, but is a lot more delicate and refined. It is comforting and even addictive, every sip seems to have a different nuance to the taste. Will definitely be purchasing again as an occasional treat!

Reviewer: Matt from London   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I like so many of those on here, bought the coffee having watched Bucket List. Having endured endless remarks about it being 'Cat Sh*t Coffee', I invited the members of my team to taste. We sat down with our cafetieres and sampled the taste. All I can say is that it is pleasant and well worth the investment. Suffice to say, theloveofcoffee will be getting my next order, their service is remarkable.

Reviewer: D Briscoe from Scotland   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Bought for my mum for mothers day. She loved it and wants a full sized bag next time!

Reviewer: Chris from Wolves   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - This is certainly a coffee worth trying. It has a distinctive and original flavour (in a good way!) that makes it worth purchasing. I would definitely recommend this cofffee to fans who would like something a bit different!

Reviewer: Dennis from London   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - Well worth the money and a perfect coffee for after a meal in the evening.

Reviewer: Ryan from Swindon   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - I've got the blue Jamaican buzz, awesome!

Reviewer: Paul from Coventry   5 Stars
Yauco Selecto (Puerto Rico) - Very good coffee not quite as good as the Kopi Luwak but it is up there well worth sampling.

Reviewer: Allen from Bangor, Co.Down   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - First heard of this coffee in the film "The Bucket List" Found the coffee to be strong, but smooth with no after taste. Would recommend everyone to try it. Ideal for the special occasions.

Reviewer: Amie from Warrington   5 Stars
Peppermint Cut (Herbal Tisane) - A lovely cup of herbal tea!

Reviewer: Paul from Coventry   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - This is a coffee for after dinner, breakfast whenever really has to be and not as expensive as the cat poo coffee so a very very good alternative.

Reviewer: Paul from Coventry   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Thank you The Love of Coffee, when I had ordered another coffee but that was out of stock so they very kindly replaced it with the Kopi Luwak. I heard a lot about this coffee and it lives up to the hype this is probably one of the best coffee's you will ever taste worth treating yourself to some for special occasions.

Reviewer: Richard from Warrington   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - A tasty, smoothe, light coffee-not bitter & no 'typical' after taste! Well worth the price...for a treat! :-)

Reviewer: Karen from Fife, Scotland   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Some colleagues had been talking about Kopi Luwak coffee & I thought it would be a nice 'thank you' gift to my parents who look after after my wee dog every day ;o) The coffee arrived the day after I placed the order & the coffee went down a treat with my parents. Thanks to 'The Love of Coffee' for the great service - I will definately use you again & I think you will be receiving an order from my parents too, lol ;o) 

Reviewer: Danny from Southampton   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Quite a distinctive taste, definitely worth a try :)

Reviewer: Danae from UK   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Fantastic delivery. Fast and efficient. Felt very safe using my card on this site too. The coffee was a present for my dad, but i might have to get some for myself, It smells so delicious!

Reviewer: Lauren from Stirling, Scotland   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - The website was very simple to use and the delivery service was fast and efficient...and the coffee is delicious!

Reviewer: Dan from Essex   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Like a lot of people on here, I was intrigued after watching 'The bucket list' and I have to say the coffee is lovely. The first brew I made was very strong but even so the coffee didn't have the bitter after-taste you would expect from making it so strong. All-in-all a really nice, strong, smooth coffee with excellent service from the website. Fantastic!!

Reviewer: Antonia from London   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - Excellent service, the coffee is amazing. The customer service replied to one of my queries in no time. I will buy from them again and I will recommend to friends and family.

Reviewer: Peter from London   4 Stars
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry
 - Smooth coffee, very earthy.

Reviewer: Peter from London   5 Stars
Ethiopian Sidamo - Fabulous aroma, very smooth everyday coffee. This one is definitely my favourite of them all. Enjoyed every moment.

Reviewer: Ian from Leicester   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Excellent service, outstandingly good products, guaranteed to receive fresh coffee every time. Will definitely shop again!

Reviewer: Pete B from Oadby   5 Stars
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Incredibly quick delivery, beans roasted to perfection, couldn't ask for more. I always, 99%, drink Yirgacheffe and my regular supplier ran out so, taking the risk to buy elsewhere, tried 'The Love Of Coffee', I have found my new regular supplier. Thank you ^^

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Orange Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) - Perfect coffee for when you want something a little special, wont be sharing this one, its all mine!

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Strawberry & Cream (Flavoured Coffee) - Love this coffee, with the perfect hint of strawberry & Cream, its a must. Great service as always.

Reviewer: Sandra from Essex   5 Stars
Irish Cream (Flavoured Coffee) - Still really enjoying this coffee, definetely my after dinner treat. As always excellent service.

Reviewer: Carl from Hull   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Bought this coffee as a leaving gift for a colleague. Ordered at short notice and arrived quickly.

Reviewer: Vikki from Peterborough   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I too saw this coffee on Bucket List and thought it would be a good present for my husband who loves different coffee. He absolutely loved it and thought it was very tasteful and unusual hence the repurchase for his birthday next week.

Reviewer: Jayne from BFPO - Germany   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Fantastic customer service and super fast delivery to BFPO - really impressed. The coffee was bought for a present and the packaging looks very polished and professional.

Reviewer: Jan from Dorset   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I bought this coffee as a gift for someone who really knows their coffee and had read about it. Thankfully the recipient shared their gift with me. It was really lovely, something to have on special occassions. I recently bought Bucket List on DVD and spotted the reference to Kopi Luwak coffee.

Reviewer: Jane from UK   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I have really appreciated the first class customer service and amazing coffee.

Reviewer: Ricki from Kent   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I brought this as a present for my son-in-law who has wanted to try it for a long time, so I haven't actually tried it. This was the best price I could find on the net and I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. I will definity be buying again.

Reviewer: Cathy from Leicester   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I LOVE Coffee and just had to try this ..... I was not disappointed - Strong flavour but no bitter after taste - I took it into work to share the experience and it was a BIG hit - think a few of my colleagues will be placing and order in the not distance future - Coffee lovers ... give it a go !!!!

Reviewer: Cathy from leicester   4 Stars
Breakfast Blend - Easy website to get around - A first class delivery service - I got a bit carried away and ordered several blends - Breakfast being one of them - It was a bit too mild for me, personal choice, but the quality was excellent!

Reviewer: David from Northwood, Middlesex   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I just HAD to try this coffee! I saw a piece on TV about the making of it and was eager to give it a go! There is something about drinking the most expensive coffee ever ever ever that is really satisfying. The flavour is quite rich and is equally tasty drunk as a latte as when drunk black. Quite smooth with not a hint of a bitter after-taste. I will certainly be buying more. A great talking point at the dinner table!

Reviewer: Nat from chelmsford   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - The 5 star rating is for the excellent service and delivery rather than the coffee itself, which is a present for a friend.

Reviewer: George from Essex   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I bought this as a present so haven't actually tasted it yet (although I am certainly looking forward to sharing a cup very soon)! Excellent price and very quick secure delivery. 

Reviewer: Adam from Birmingham   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Having seen this on various cooking programs i was determined to try it. I wasnt disappointed, it has a great and unique flavour and i will be buying more as gifts in the future. Give it a try!!

Reviewer: Maria from Glasgow   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Dear The Love of Coffee: I just wanted to add a review to your site. 'Purchased the Kopi Luwak and Jamacain Blue Mountain coffee beans as an unusual Father's Day gift. The delivery service was excellent and very quick with Customer Services being the best I have experienced in a long time. I had emailed to ask for a Kopi Luwak certificate to be included in my delivery as it was a gift - not only did I get an immediate, polite and friendly reply but the coffee and certificate arrived the next day. I have not tried the coffees as I left my Dad savouring the choice but the delicious smell when I opened the delivery pack was amazing. I have no hesitation to recommend The Love of Coffee and definitely will be using them again for Dad's birthday and to treat myself to some of their exotic coffees. Thank you for the excellent service, exciting collection and fair pricing'. Truely excellent service and look forward to ordering more coffee in the near future.

Reviewer: Matt from Bradford   5 Stars
La Maria Los Naranjos (Cup of Excellence) & Zelaya Andrada Alejandro Aragon (Cup of Excellence) - Excellent customer service. I received my order on time and the quality of the coffee was excellent. I'd honestly say that they went above an beyond to make sure I had a positive experience. I'll definitely order from them again.

Reviewer: Michael from London   5 Stars
La Maria Los Naranjos (Cup Of Excellence) - Such a wonderful cup of coffee.

Reviewer: Misbah from Bradford   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - I bought this coffee for a birthday gift to someone and this website was recommended. Best online service I've received. Speedy delivery. Great packaging and a customer care approach. I will be buying from this site again.

Reviewer: Mike from Preston,Lancashire   5 Stars
Cappuccino (Flavoured Coffee) - Absolutely fantastic coffee with long lasting aftertaste reminds me of caramel and brandy!!! I will be ordering lots of this!!

Reviewer: Mike from Preston,Lancashire   5 Stars
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry - One of my favourite coffees great tasting aftertaste with a hint fruity flavours!!

Reviewer: Jamie from Swansea   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Great website, fantastic service, amazing coffee. I will definitely be using The Love of Coffee again. Many Thanks!

Reviewer: John from West Dulwich, London   5 Stars
Mountain BlendAn extremely nice coffee, doesn't have that bitter after taste that some coffees produce. Very pleased with my first ever online order! thumbs up for 'The Love of Coffee'.

Reviewer: Jon from Ilkeston   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) The distinctive taste of this coffee made it a real treat. the price wasn't bad either. I will definitely buy again as the service was outstanding!!!

Reviewer: Steven from East Kilbride   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)
I haven't tried the coffee yet as it was bought as a present. The service was very good and i would use TLOC again, i would also recommend getting yourself some coffee.

Reviewer: Dom from Risca   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee) - A delicious cup of coffee, the Amaretto adds a nice twist to the flavour.

Reviewer: Dom from Risca   4 Stars
Orange Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) - It's a nice cup but not a huge fan of the orangey flavour. The missus loves it!

Reviewer: Dom from Risca   5 Stars
Cinnamon Stix (Flavoured Coffee) - A delicious flavour, cinnamon is not too strong and overall absolutely lovely!

Reviewer: Jonathan from Anglesey   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Long standing previous supplier suddenly stopped doing Monsoon Malabar, I doubted if anyone else could match their quality, thankfully The Love Of Coffee have stepped up to the mark and supplied a difficult bean to roast. Great coffee, prompt and well priced, thanks.

Reviewer: Dom from Risca   5 Stars
Chocolate Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) - A delicious cup of coffee, the chocolate is not overpowering, which is good.
Reviewer: Gareth from Outer Hebrides   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Well, what can I say? This coffee just ''hits the spot''. Its great made on a stove-top. Just love it. Really great service as well. I had problems signing in (not TLoC''s fault) and a few attempts later I had still not placed my order. Monday AM, I had an email waiting, asking if there was anything that TLoC could do to help and sure enough my order went through. Unheard-of great service from an online supplier. Thanks.
Reviewer: Chris from London   5 Stars
Creamy Caramel (Flavoured Coffee)My girlfriend who I bought the coffee for is a big fan of this flavour. After originally having an item missing and contacting the sales team they couldn't do enough to ensure that everything was resolved as quickly as possible. Even then, they contacted me to check everything had arrived safely. Fantastic customer service and wouldn't hesitate to order again.
Reviewer: Chris from London   5 Stars
Strawberry & Cream (Flavoured Coffee) - I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend. As a non-coffee drinker myself, even I loved the smell of the strawberries and cream flavour! She certainly thinks it is a winning flavour.
Reviewer: Chris from London   5 Stars
Caribbean Rum (Flavoured Coffee)Bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it! I can forsee more orders of this rum coffee!
Reviewer: ANN L from london   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)  - I bought this coffee after reading reviews.And was delighted with it, very smooth tasting.I was also impressed with the prompt service and would have no hesitation in ordering again.

Reviewer: Victoria from Southampton   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) A must try and a fantastic gift. The flavour is luxuriously strong, perfect kick start to the morning! Would highly recommend to any coffee lovers, it is more than worth the money. Give it a try!

Reviewer: Pamela from Barry, South Wales   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) My daughter had raved about this coffee so I decided to try it and was delighted with it and it was delivered much quicker than I had expected and would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: Paula from Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Bought this coffee for my fussy father in law, who is an avid coffee fan. He loved it! I would highly recommend Kopi Luwak, and excellent service from The Love of Coffee!
Reviewer: Barrington from Wiltshire   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Extra dark roast. Brilliant espresso, smooth, long and hugely deep. No hint of bitterness. Makes a tremendous base to a vanilla latte!

Reviewer: Clementine from Norwich   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Firstly, the service from the website was brilliant. Smooth transaction with zero problems. Fast postage. The coffee was bought for my coffee loving boyfriend. Sat down christmas morning with this new coffee. It was very nice. Smooth, not bitter at all. Totally worth buying the 50g if you are just curious. 50g will make more than 3 cups of coffee. it''s quite strong so you won''t need as much. THEN we told coffee came from poop. His face dropped. Ha.

Reviewer: Philip from Hampshire   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I bought this coffee for my wife for Christmas as we are both fine coffee lovers. However, she turned her nose up at it because of how it is made. Her loss, as I thought it was the best coffee I have ever tasted. It has a very well rounded flavour with no bitterness or earthy undertones. There is a slight sweetness to it which comes through due to the bitterness not being there. The trouble is, ever since trying this wonderful coffee, everything else now taste mediocre in comparison. I will definitely be buying more once my current bag runs out. Delicious. Why can''t all coffee taste as good as this.

Reviewer: Claire from Thurrock   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - I bought this coffee for my husband, who has said that this is probably the best coffee he has ever tasted (it didn''t last long). On a personal note I would really recommend this company, their customer service really is second to none.

Reviewer: Sheena from Greenock   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - My husband bought me this coffee for Christmas. It is simply the best tasting coffee ever - rich and deep, yet sweet with no bitter aftertaste. Do not be put off by its origin....all true coffee lovers should thank the civet cat! Treat this coffee as you would treat fine wines or rare whiskies and savour every sip; it''s delightful. Customer service deserves a five star rating too, with very friendly and helpful staff. We will definitely use TLOC again and will recommend it to all our friends. Thanks.

Reviewer: Barrington from Wiltshire   4 Stars
Ethiopian Sidamo - Refreshing, light of touch and elegant with a little earthiness and very fine acidity. An excellent morning coffee.

Reviewer: Dulcie from Devon   5 Stars
Vanilla Nut (Flavoured Coffee) - A lovely smooth tasting coffee with a hint of vanilla, no bitterness and Perfect with dessert :)

Reviewer: PAGC from Scotland   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Multibuy - Very impressed with "The Love of Coffee". Quick service. Coffee superbly roasted. I particularly like the Multibuy offers, which allow you to sample a much wider range of coffee than usual. Will definitely buy from here again.

Reviewer: B Ogden from Wales   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I was very pleased with the price the quality and the speed of service. I will certainly use this company in future for my specialist coffee needs.

Reviewer: Garry from Wiltshire   5 Stars
Vanilla Nut (Flavoured Coffee) - Great service very fast delivery and great great coffee.

Reviewer: Barbara from Sudbury, Suffolk   4 Stars
Origin Coffee Multibuy - I gave the coffee''s as a gift to some one who loves coffee and it went down a treat! The best bit is that you can choose what types of coffee to add to your collection when ordering 4. Would definately recommend this and would buy again from them. Thank you!

Reviewer: Rachel from London   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Fast service, even delivery to the middle of nowhere where I ordered it as a present. Best price available online as well. Very impressed.

Reviewer: Sam GS from Essex   5 Stars
ZambianVery nice, drinkable coffee with a lovely mellow flavour, smells delicious out of the packet - could drink this all day!

Reviewer: Barrington from Wiltshire   5 Stars
La Maria Los Naranjos (Cup Of Excellence) - Extremely clean flavour with a hint of orange blossom on a slightly fruity finish. Full bodied but with some nice balancing acidity. A sophisticated and complex cup.

Reviewer: Richard from Leicester   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I saw this coffee on a Rick Stein programme on TV. It became part of my friends and my must do things in 2013. A great full flavoured distinctive tasting coffee. A depth of flavour I've not encountered in coffee. The flavour appear to improve as my taste buds adjusted to the taste, an absolute treat. I recommend any coffee lover gives it a whirl. I was also impressed with the ease of transaction, and delivery speed. 5 stars all round.

Reviewer: Andrew from Aberdeen   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - “Just because it is the most expensive does not make it the best”…. a saying I have had to listen to all my life. However this coffee means I will never have to endure that saying again, as It is undoubtedly the most expensive and best coffee I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. The delivery service was excellent and very quick.

Reviewer: Elaine from Leeds   5 Stars
Yemeni Matari - Very nice, fresh, well packaged. Good service from the company: will use again.

Reviewer: David from Scotland   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I am very impressed with your care and attention.

Reviewer: Linda from St Ives   4 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - I was recommended to try this site to buy my Jamacian Blue mountain coffee, and I have to say it was one of the best things I did. I received my order very promptly (ive waited up to 10 days on other sites), and the coffee was excellent, and the price was very competitive. I will order from here again and again.

Reviewer: Jeremy from UK   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Great service from the love of coffee, great coffee, very smooth and silky almost, best price I could find with delivery, thankyou!

Reviewer: Ian from East Sussex   5 Stars
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry - Harrar is absolutely my favourite coffee, and this is top notch. It can be hard to source so it's great to know I can now get some delivered the next day (and cheaper than other places too). I promise I'll try some others, but this is the one for me.

Reviewer: Jackie from Midlands   5 Stars
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (Gift Box) - Service was smoking hot as bought for a birthday gift arrived before the event. Well received and drunk.

Reviewer: Jackie from Midlands   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Bought this for a good friend who is a bit of a coffee buff, he just said yum, yum, yum, and I think that says it all.

Reviewer: Shira from Reigate   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Multibuy - Lovely coffee, very quick to deliver excellent service.

Reviewer: Karen from Oxford   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Bought this for a friend who has always wanted to try it. Speedy delivery and he loves it.

Reviewer: Scott from Walsall   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee) - This is a great coffee and has just the right kick of the Amaretto taste...

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