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Colombian Decaf Coffee | Organic and Fairtrade | FREE Standard Delivery On Orders Over £25

Colombian DeCaf

Our Price: £4.45
Product Description

100% Arabica

Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Medium or Strong (perfect for Espresso)

Flavour: A fresh and full-bodied coffee, smooth flavour, suitable for all occasions.

Chemical free Swiss Water Decaffeination Process, using only water the process is 100% chemical free maintaining the taste complexity of the coffee while removing 97% of the caffeine.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2024) Arnold from Durham   5 Stars

I've been buying my coffee at The Love of Coffee for quite a few years. They're efficient, informative and have a good range of beans. I always qualify for free postage too. I recommend them unreservedly.

Reviewer: (2024) Elisabeth from Ipswich   5 Stars

Always enjoy variety of coffees purchased. My friends enjoy receiving them as presents! Look forward to purchasing more for Xmas season. Customer Service is superb as I made contact recently with a query regarding the use of my cafeteria with their coffee and was promptly provided with an answer. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2023) Lloyd from Essex   5 Stars

Wonderful coffees. Well packed. Good prices.

Reviewer: (2023) Beverley from Littlehampton   5 Stars

I absolutely LOVE your coffee. It’s the best I’ve tasted anywhere in the world. I have ordered your filter coffee for my aeropress, the espresso variety for re-usable pods in my Nespresso and the beans for my coffee machine. I especially like the columbian beans and decaf filter coffee and the hazelnut and French Vanilla flavoured coffees.

Reviewer: (2022) Lloyd from Essex   5 Stars

Both excellent coffees.

Reviewer: (2022) Aggie from West Midlands   5 Stars

Placed an order for a number of coffee packets. It arrived quickly. Glad I was able to find a supplier offering good service and price. For a coffee lover your range of coffee is a real treat! I will definitely order again. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2022) Hannah from Lancashire   5 Stars

Brilliant friendly service. Fantastic coffee received without delay. I am a regular customer and will continue to be so.

Reviewer: (2021) Chris from West Midlands   5 Stars

Fast ordering, great tasting coffee and speedy delivery.

Reviewer: (2021) Laura from Chingford   5 Stars

Fabulous coffee, my second purchase and have tried lots of different coffee beans all of which are amazing. My partner has enjoyed his coffee far more recently having purchased from’ the love of coffee ‘and I have never tasted decaf quite like it it’s wonderful thank you to the team .

Reviewer: (2021) Vicki from Nottingham   5 Stars

I have started using The Love of Coffee, instead of my usual suppliers, as they offer so many options on both normal coffees and also flavoured coffees. Even my postman likes delivering it, as he loves the smell!

Reviewer: (2021) Fiona from Troon   5 Stars

Lovely coffee and delivered promptly.

Reviewer: (2021) Philip from Long Ditton   5 Stars

It was everything that I have come to expect from The Love of Coffee. I ordered it, it arrived very quickly, well packed and we are doing our best to need some more....

Reviewer: (2021) Bruce from Mid Wales   5 Stars

The decaf Colombian met with great approval by the resident drinker of decaf.

Reviewer: (2021) Chris from West Midlands   5 Stars

Easy to order, but ensure you check what you've exactly ordered before finally confirming, as there is so many choices it can be easy to make a slight error and order something similar. My fault not the Love of Coffee's.

Reviewer: (2020) Simon from Bristol   5 Stars

An excellent, tasty, yet mild coffee, which provides a caffeine-free treat at any time of day.

Reviewer: (2020) Adrian from Brentwood   5 Stars

A great service. Recently found. Quick delivery great quality. V good value. Highly recommended

Reviewer: (2020) Chris from West Midlands   5 Stars

Coffee arrived swiftly. The Colombian Decaf is full of flavour. We also mix it with the flavoured as we find the flavoured coffees too strong for our taste. We really enjoy our favourite coffees from The Love of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) David from Preston   5 Stars

A fantastic range of first class coffees at great prices with good, quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2020) Alex from Antrim   5 Stars

Great service and great coffees. 5+ of 5 stars.

Reviewer: (2020) Tim from Newcastle   5 Stars

Great service, very fast, great packaging, clear labbeling. Tasty coffee. I ordered beans. They were decafe ( both varieties). I did find it hard to dial in to get a crema. Had to go very fine and increase the dose amount.

Reviewer: (2020) Graham from Doncaster   4 Stars

I ordered three different flavours of decaf for percolating, they were all very tasty with a nice aroma but I think they still contained some caffeine. Having not been used to caffeine for many years I found the sensation quite unnerving. Good ordering procedure and nicely packaged.

Reviewer: (2020) Michael from UK   3 Stars

I'd re-order the Columbian decaff, which is full-bodied despite the extra processing.

Reviewer: (2020) Will from Hampshire   5 Stars

I purchased 3 types of coffee for my Dad as a gift (so I have not tried the coffee personally). The coffee arrived within a couple of days, it was well packaged and smelled wonderful! Dad went on to say the coffee was lovely! I will be purchasing more in due course!

Reviewer: (2019) Chris from Sutton Coldfield   5 Stars

Not your usual bland or bitter decaff, but one with the taste and aroma of full coffee without the caffeine. Ideal for those of us who have to drink decaff for health reasons, but don't want to give up the enjoyment.

Reviewer: (2019) Elisabeth from Ipswich   5 Stars

Yet again The Love Of Coffee have given us an amazing variety of new coffees with our order. We also bought a delicious Colombian Decaf which not only smells divine but you can taste the freshness until the last drop. Our friends always comment...where do you buy our coffee? So we share our secret for the love of coffee....Thank you...another order soon....

Reviewer: (2019) David from Gwent   5 Stars

Have been buying for several years, for me it's the best coffee around. Always good reliable service am very happy to give 5 stars.

Reviewer: (2019) Christine from Cumbria   5 Stars

A really good coffee for evening drinking which doesn’t keep me awake at night. The service and delivery from this company is excellent.

Reviewer: (2019) Amanda from Scottish Borders   5 Stars

Great coffee. Fast delivery would highly recommend.

Reviewer: (2019) Chris from Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Having got to that age when years of drinking lots of strong coffee has finally caught up with me, I have struggled over the last few years to source a dark roast decaf for drinking at evening time and was delighted with both varieties I recently purchased. I would got as far as saying that I would drink the Columbian all of the time - I challenge anyone to recognise it as a decaf.

Reviewer: (2019) Andrew from Argyll   5 Stars

Next day delivery, product always as described. A+

Reviewer: (2019) Susan from Highland   5 Stars

Always really good coffee! I buy ‘caff’ and ‘decaff’. Am introducing others to the joys of percolated coffee. Will buy again, and then again!

Reviewer: (2019) Valerie from East Anglia   3 Stars

We purchased 2 kinds of decaff coffee and were disappointed by the lack of flavour. Obviously the beans do lose a great deal in the processing, so not terribly unexpected. We also purchased a bag of chocolate covered beans and they were delicious. The best we have tasted.

Reviewer: (2018) Philip from Surrey   5 Stars

I have to say that I am impressed every time I order my coffee from The Love of Coffee. They should call themselves for The Love of Service. It comes quickly and very well packed. My kitchen smells like a coffee shop every time I get my delivery.

Reviewer: (2018) Jeremy from Surrey   5 Stars

Love the coffee. Good value for money and delivered quickly. Would love to see some extra flavoured and decaf. coffees. Many Thanks.

Reviewer: (2018) Hamish from Oxford   4 Stars

Reliable as always. I greatly value the high-quality which is provided at a reasonable price.

Reviewer: (2018) Susan from London   5 Stars

Definitely the best decaf espresso coffee I have found.

Reviewer: (2018) Emil from London   5 Stars

Best coffee! Thx!

Reviewer: (2018) Lorraine from Cheshire   5 Stars

Very nice coffee without the pesticides and chemicals.

Reviewer: (2018) Adrian from Swindon   5 Stars

Its not often that you can find a good decaf, but these two hit the spot especially in the dark roast, both are rich and highly drinkable, you wouldn't know that it was decaf.

Reviewer: (2018) Gordon from Scotland   5 Stars

I purchased three very different coffees for my wife, as she is the coffee connoisseur of the family. It is very difficult for me to give any star rating other than 5, for each of the coffees. The Indian Malabar, she says is just a fantastic first cup in the morning coffee, strong, smooth and sets you up for the day. Her view on the Viennese Blend is that this is an extremely smooth and silky coffee and can easily be consumed all day. With the Colombian Decaff, this is her absolute "go to" coffee in the evening, as she tries very hard to come off caffeine particularly later on at night. All in all therefore, an absolute winner with all three coffees, all different, all fantastic, and thanks again for your prompt and efficient delivery of the goods, particularly so close to Christmas.

Reviewer: (2018) Chris from Sutton Coldfield   5 Stars

Great fast service. Order as expected. Good quality flavoured and decaf coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Breige from Northern Ireland   5 Stars

I ordered a few different coffees to try as I am a first time costumer, I'm not a lover of very strong coffees so I ordered the Colombian Decaf, this is an excellent tasting Decaf, next was the Indian monsoon Malabar also a very nice mild tasting coffee and very easy on the palate, I also ordered the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Rocko Mountain, personally this was my least favourite as I found this coffee to have a very strong after taste. The coffees came packed very well and within two days, excellent service and I will be ordering more coffees to try.

Reviewer: (2017) Philip from Surbiton   5 Stars

When Waitrose stopped selling Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee we needed a different supplier and we are very happy with The Love of Coffee. The coffee tastes good and the delivery is very quick.

Reviewer: (2017) Allan from East Ayrshire   5 Stars

"Faultless". Great coffee choices and and clear descriptions.

Reviewer: (2017) Duncan from Hampshire   5 Stars

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. Even the delivery driver remarked that the "parcel smelled nice!!!!!!!" This is my second order with you and it most certainly will NOT be the last. Excellent coffees - thank you.

Reviewer: (2016) Jeremy from Highland   5 Stars

Excellent coffee & really good delivery service. I will certainly be using you again.

Reviewer: (2016) Adrian from Lynmouth   5 Stars

Once again fast & efficient service, easy to order online and Great Coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Margaret from Ayrshire   5 Stars

Whilst expensive coffee, in my opinion, it's worth the money. I can only drink 'decaf' that is decaffeinated without chemicals, otherwise I get bad headaches. This limits my choice considerably. Most of the coffees I've tried have been pretty weak and lacking in flavour but NOT the ones from this company. Both decafs are full of flavour and have a lovely aroma. I go for the stronger roast and both are delicious.

Reviewer: (2016) Lynne from Kent   5 Stars

Excellent customer service, prompt delivery and quality product. I will definitely order again.

Reviewer: (2016) Philip from Surrey   5 Stars

We have always drunk Colombian Decaffeinated coffee but when our local supermarket delisted the one we liked we had a problem. It seems that most supermarkets stopped the one we liked! After a search on the internet we found The Love of Coffee's website. I order a KG of coffee and we were very happy with the quick delivery and more importantly with the coffee we got. You can expect regular orders from us.

Reviewer: (2016) Elaine from Cumbria   5 Stars

Have been looking for a decaf coffee that had some strength to it. Coffee sellers seem to think that if you drink decaf you must like it weak. This coffee is not. If anything I could have it even stronger. Good flavours. Service was good. A phone enquiry was dealt with in a courteous and pleasant manner and the coffee arrived when expected.

Reviewer: (2016) John from Durham   5 Stars

A decaf coffee that has lost no taste or flavour. This is one I will come back for.

Reviewer: (2016) Sandra from Liverpool   5 Stars

Excellent. Lovely to have found a great decaffeinated coffee! Pretty sure we'll be repeat customers :) I was unsure regarding the storage of ground coffee as the internet seems divided on the issue and I had managed to miss the instructions on the packet. Customer service were very helpful and prompt with their reply. To sum up: Don't hesitate to buy from 'The Love Of Coffee', I wish all retailers were this good.

Reviewer: (2016) Sherri from Buckinghamshire   5 Stars

The ordering process was very easy, the website was easy to negotiate and the order was delivered within 2 days. The coffee itself is delicious and is being consumed rather quickly! I suspect I'll be ordering some more before too long. Really pleased with the product and the service, thank you.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Helmshore   5 Stars

My coffee arrived quickly after ordering. I am on the search for a good tasting decaf coffee in an attempt to reduce my sleepless nights. In the Colombian strong I have found one. The Sumatran however was bitter in medium strength so will avoid in future.

Reviewer: (2015) Kate from Edinburgh   5 Stars

When it comes to coffee I am a snob liking my coffee dark & strong with good flavour so when I was told to stop the coffee I was heart broken until I tried the Colombian decaf dark roast - it does not taste like decaf, it is absolutely fantastic and I actually prefer it to my other dark roast favourite Old Java. When it comes to coffee 'The Love Of Coffee' are No.1

Reviewer: (2015) Jasmine from London   5 Stars

Yum! Thanks for delivering so quickly. I have been looking for a great decaf for my home espresso machine and have finally found it with the Colombian, I can't tell the difference to our normal beans. Still have the Sumatran to try.

Reviewer: (2015) Arnold from Co Durham   5 Stars

Off caffeine for a medical exclusion diet. Found two excellent decafs and they arrived promptly. First time I've had decaf that tastes like the normal coffee. Many thanks.

Reviewer: (2015) Louise from Petersfield   5 Stars

Lovely coffee - decaf Colombian even my partner can't tell is decaf.

Reviewer: (2014) Elizabeth from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars

Always good coffee and good delivery service.

Reviewer: (2014) Yvonne from Aberdeen   5 Stars

After stumbling on this site I thought I would give this coffee a go. I find it hard to find a flavourful decaff coffee which I have a last found. I have ordered their decaff coffee a few times now. Also I bought the 4 flavoured selection coffee as a secret Santa for a work colleague, which she is enjoying. Worth the extra pennies.

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