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Blended Coffees

A blend of 2 or more origins or coffees types to make flavours suitable to coffee making machinery or the desire of the consumer. Some blends will have many coffee components to get a balanced flavour to suit the market. The majority of coffee sold are blends as the balanced flavours appeal to a larger clientele.

Blended Coffee Selection Pack
A great way to sample and find your perfect coffees. Choose any 4 from a selection of over 20 Blended coffees.
from From:£10.95
Brazilian Blend
A strong, heavy flavour with a rich aftertaste.
from From:£3.00
Breakfast Blend
Medium body, slight acidity enhances this fragrant brew.
from From:£3.00
Coffee & Chicory Blend
A blend of Ugandan coffee with roasted and ground Chicory. 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory.
from From:£2.65
Connoisseur Blend
A good full bodied Santos, an aromatic Colombian and a fruity Costa Rican.
from From:£3.25
Continental Blend
A bitter sweet dark and strong espresso coffee.
from From:£3.25
Crema Espresso Blend
A smooth espresso blend. 6 different coffees gives this coffee a heavy tone and nutty aftertaste.
from From:£3.25
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
Our most popular organic espresso coffee - makes a lovely smooth drink.
from From:£3.25
Dark Roast Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
A smooth strong coffee most suitabed for after dinner and espresso.
from From:£3.25
Directors Blend
A heavier body and a richer flavour. Liqour has a smooth texture with little bitterness.
from From:£2.95
Espresso Blend (fairtrade)
A rich flavoured espresso being smooth to the tongue with a nice bitey aftertaste.
from From:£3.45
Freedom Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
A smooth, full bodied coffee without a bitter taste.
from From:£3.25
High Roast Blend
This Ugandan Robusta coffee has an earthy flavour with very full body.
from From:£2.95
Kenya Blend
A smooth mild coffee with a hint of acidity.
from From:£3.00
Kenya Reserve
Roasted to an after dinner roast to bring out its nutty full flavour.
from From:£2.95
Light Italian Blend
A lovely smooth espresso with fruity undertones.
from From:£3.00
Medium Roast Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
This mild blend makes a light all day drink with low acidity.
from From:£3.25
Mocha Java Blend
A chocolatey, rich and full bodied coffee, leaving a lasting smooth taste.
from From:£2.95
Mountain Blend
A light after dinner roast blend with a mild and smooth flavour.
from From:£2.95
Mysore Blend
A blend of Indian and Costa Rican coffees, a mild smooth flavour.
from From:£3.00
Olympic Blend (fairtrade)
Full bodied flavour. Ideal all day coffee.
from From:£3.25
Rio Blend
A strong earthy flavour, with a touch of sweetness and hints of dark chocolate with light vanilla tones.
from From:£2.95
San Marcos Blend
Pungent espresso coffee without the bitterness.
from From:£3.45
Special Espresso
A strong and sweeter coffee that works well for Espresso based drinks when used with whole milk. Hints of dark chocolate, almond and oak.
from From:£3.25
Sweet Espresso Blend
A lovely smooth espresso coffee with a sweet and mellow liquor.
from From:£3.25
Turkish Blend
A strong blend of Mocha and Santos.
from From:£3.15
Viennese Blend
A smooth full bodied coffee with no bitterness.
from From:£2.95

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