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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Love Of Coffee

We're a small independent speciality coffee roaster with a real passion for what we do. We're passionate about sourcing only the very best coffees from around the world. But most of all we're passionate about giving you, our customers, coffees you can trust and love.

As a coffee lover you obviously appreciate great coffee and nothing can beat high quality freshly roasted coffee, and that's all we do. You'll also understand that coffee is more than just a drink as we tend to treat it as a special event and something we look forward to preparing and enjoying.

There are many grades of coffee bean, and we only source the slower maturing arabica beans which have been grown at high altitude (usually over 3,000ft) as these have a better flavour.

We promise that you only have to try us once to realise the quality of our
coffees, and like so many of our lovely customers we believe that you'll be back and using us again in the future. It's for that reason that we offer every coffee in a 100g trial bag so that you don't have to purchase larger bags until you first sample and find the ones that suit your taste and needs.

Our coffees are sourced on quality not on price, and we aim to get the highest grade of each coffee into your cup without you having to pay premium prices. We guarantee to keep our coffees affordable allowing you to enjoy them not only for special occasions but for everyday drinking.

But don't simply take our word for it and take a look at the testimonials our customers have provided by
clicking here.

About Us

We founded The Love Of Coffee because we are passionate about producing high quality, delicious and interesting coffees, and we share that passion both with the people we work with and most importantly the customers who buy and love our coffees.

Remember the days when there used to be a coffee roaster on virtually every high street pumping out that gorgeous smell of freshly roasted coffee, and how easy it was to pop-in and buy a bag of your chosen bean? Whilst you won't smell our coffees being roasted, we promise that the smell you associate with those coffee roasters will come flooding back as soon as you open one of our coffee bags. So in our own small way we try to fill that gap and many of our customers refer to us as their local coffee roaster, only online, and with our same day dispatch you'll be drinking your chosen coffees the following day.

Our aim has and always will be to produce not just good but great, honest and proper coffees for your enjoyment. So let us help introduce you to real coffee so that you can also experience and enjoy the flavour and aroma of our coffees when they're fresh and at their very best.

Each coffee has its own unique flavour notes and aroma, and even though we carry a comprehensive selection we will try and guide you to your perfect one, so do please have a good look around and also use the different search buttons to help guide you. To help you we offer 100g sample bags on everyone of our products, or you could buy several and save money with our Selection Pack offers. Remember, you can always give us a call for any assistance you need.

Whether it's a Special Occasion, a Gift or for Everyday Drinking we'll have a coffee that's suited to your needs.

Whether it's a Special Occasion, a Gift or for Everyday Drinking we'll have a coffee that's suited to your needs.

Our Coffees

We offer the widest online range of the world's finest coffees and deliver them straight to your door. There's something for everyone and for every palate, be you a connoisseur or someone who simply loves great coffee, so let us help you explore a world of coffees you probably didn't even know existed.

We don't simply buy any coffee and roast it, but we source only the highest grade of a particular coffee bean and then roast to our own specifications, as this is the only way we can guarantee that the quality will be consistent.

Each coffee bean has its own character, and our roasting process has been developed to ensure that we bring out the very best in both flavour and aroma.

Choose from
Speciality, Single Estate Origin, our own unique Blends, our Flavoured and ethically sourced Organic, Faitrade and Rainforest Alliance coffees.

Again, because we roast to order we can fulfill any special requests. So if you'd like your own unique blend please let us know and we'll create it for you. We can do exactly the same with any
gift requirements you have.

Our aim is to give you the best cup of coffee you have ever had, and to make sure that when you order again you'll receive the same each and every time.
Our 'Master Roaster' cupping to ensure quality of flavour and aroma
Our 'Master Roaster' cupping to ensure quality of flavour and aroma

Our Promise

Every part of the process your order goes through is done by hand, from the roasting, then weighing out your coffee, then onto grinding it to your requirements if needed, then bagging and sealing it in our valved bag which guarantees freshness before it is packaged for delivery. There are no shortcuts taken and we don't pre-pack and store any coffee bags whatsoever.
Don't over buy. We recommend that you only purchase what you expect to use within a 3 - 4 week period.

Always here to help

We're also here to help you with any questions or special requirements you may have, so do please contact us either by email on or call us on 01376-550442 as we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for choosing The Love Of Coffee and we hope you enjoy our coffees.

The Love Of Coffee Team

Delivering the finest quality freshly roasted speciality coffee to your door. Freshly Roasted, Prepared and Packed on the day your order is dispatched.
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ext day nationwide delivery.

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